Courtesy of Brad-Renee Wilcox Facebook Page

Wilcox celebrates over 25 years at Greenville Fire Department

GREENVILLE—Monday marks Brad Wilcox’s last full day of work at the Greenville Fire Department.

Wilcox dedicated over 25 years to the department.

The friendships he made will last forever, his wife Renee wrote on Facebook this morning.

“Being a firefighter, or any public service like EMS, or police, they make that decision to help the people,” she wrote. “The selfless act! These are one of a kind people that will risk their life for yours without thinking twice! As a wife, when tones drop it didn’t matter what was going on at home, Brad would kiss and tell me he loved me and run out the door heading to Greenville on a call! I stand there, watch him leave, pray for his safety, but the trust I had for the rest of the department I worried a little less.”

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