Nurses in the Wayne HealthCare, then Wayne Hospital, nursery in the 1960s.

Wayne Healthcare celebrates 100 years of labor and delivery

GREENVILLE— Wayne HealthCare celebrated 100 years of delivering babies on Wednesday.

Joanne Helen Krickenberger, was the first baby born at Wayne HealthCare, then called Greenville Hospital, on March 9, 1922 to parents Helen and Hershel Krickenberger. Krickenberger was delivered by Dr. A. F. Sarver with assistance from nurse Ada Aydelotte.

At the time of her birth, Wayne HealthCare had only been open for two months, and was just a two-story brick property. Since then, a lot has changed in labor and delivery.

Kim Freeman, Vice President of Patient Services at Wayne HealthCare, said one thing that’s changed is that no two labor experiences are the same.

“One thing we’ve really tried to focus on is what really matters, which is the joy of meeting the baby for the first time,” she said. “Whether that’s mom and dad, or siblings, grandparents, et cetera. Our staff, I feel like have done really a good job supporting the patients before, during and after their delivery. That’s one thing at Wayne HealthCare that we can pride our ourselves in is the experience we give our patients, which the unit is performing in multiple areas and the 95th percentile or better.”

In celebration of “popping” out babies for 100 years, Wayne HealthCare handed out free bags of popcorn to staff from Double Good Popcorn.

“To mark the celebration we were able to get some popcorn donated to us from Double Good,” Terri Flood, Vice President of Business Development said. “As we, Wayne HealthCare have helped families pop out babies for a hundred years, we wanted to celebrate with our century of caring by giving everybody popcorn. Even visitors and patients that came in, we offered them popcorn as well.”

Wayne HealthCare opened on Jan. 16, 1922. To stay up-to-date on centennial information and history visit:

Foundation Director Laura Henry and Director of Volunteer Services Nicole Kaylor handing out Double Good popcorn to employees, visitors and patients in celebration of Wayne HealthCare "popping" out babies for 100 years.

Abigail Miller / Editor

Abigail Miller is a Greenville native, Kent State graduate, writer, crocheter, shopaholic and friend. Contact Darke County Now Reporter Abigail Miller at

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