Tour de Sewer cross country varsity girls compete at Versailles event.

Versailles Tour de Sewer beats elements

Versailles cross country parents hard work pays big dividends for runners

VERSAILLES – Versailles hosted the school’s annual Tour de Sewer cross country race with Waynesville winning the varsity girl’s event and Botkins taking first place in the varsity boys race.

“Super proud of the girl’s effort today,” said Versailles coach, Mark Pleiman. “Waynesville – big school came out and really dominated, a real nice running school.  Ft. Recovery had a quality team here today.”

“Boys eighth out of 13 – kind of where we were supposed to be,” Pleiman continued. “The boys had some pretty decent times. A nice solid group of guys, a pretty tight pack – real proud of their effort overall.”

The Versailles cross country parents did an excellent job of getting the course in good running condition following heavy the rains that moved through the area most of the night with the rain stopping just as the first runners took to the course making for a wet and muddy run.

“Super sloppy course – parents put it together really well,” said Coach Pleiman, “They were out here with sump pumps and draining things and rolling it so parents did an amazing job.”

The Versailles Tigers captured first place in both the girls and boys middle school cross country races.

“Happy with our performances at Versailles today,” said Greenville coach, Stepanie Lind. “More than half our squad ran season best times. Jaydn Norris was our first girl across the line in 32nd place. Girls team was without or lead runner, Tessa Fine, and varsity freshman Lauren Schmitmeyer so they kinda took their lumps today, but freshman Charlie Pope really stepped up, finishing second for us with a big season best time. Kenzie Baker ran her personal record time, and freshman Megan Lind and Ellasyn Bruner both ran season bests – can’t ask for more than that.”

“Super pleased with our outing today,” said Ansonia coach, Jason Wright. “Very happy that the rain eased up because it made things back there at the woods muddy but I thought our kids battled really well.”

“We are still struggling with some kids who are sick,” Wright added. “We’re a little shorthanded on some of our squads but for the kids who were here they really worked hard today.” for results.

High School Girls:

  1. Waynesville
  2. Recovery
  3. Versailles
  4. Botkins
  5. Arcanum
  6. Mary’s Memorial
  7. Marion Local
  8. Coldwater
  9. Greenville
  10. Hagerstown, Ind.
  11. Ansonia

High School Boys:

  1. Botkins
  2. Waynesville
  3. Hagerstown, Ind.
  4. Houston
  5. Marion Local
  6. Mary’s Memorial
  7. Greenville
  8. Versailles
  9. Ansonia
  10. Jackson Center
  11. Coldwater
  12. Arcanum
  13. Recovery

Middle School Girls:

  1. Versailles
  2. Botkins
  3. Waynesville
  4. Coldwater
  5. Henry
  6. Recovery
  7. Russia
  8. Mary’s Memorial

Middle School Boys:

  1. Versailles
  2. Russia
  3. Arcanum
  4. Houston
  5. Jackson Center
  6. Recovery
  7. Botkins
  8. Twin Valley South
  9. Mary’s Memorial
  10. Greenville
  11. Henry
Varsity boys take to the course at Versailles' Tour de Sewer annual cross country race.
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