Twenty-Four United States Military Veterans compete in the Ohio State Horseshoe Pitchers Championship in Greenville, OH

US Veterans and Horseshoe Pitching

Twenty-four Military Veterans compete at Greenville's 62nd Annual Ohio State Horseshoe Pitching Championship

GREENVILLE, OH – Twenty-four (24) United States Military Veterans competed at the recent Ohio State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held on Labor Day weekend in Greenville, Ohio.

Stockdale, Ohio resident, Gary Roberts is the reigning President of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association and was in Greenville earning a second place finish in the Mens Class A division.

“I still run into World War II Veterans that are pitching in our horseshoe tournaments,” Roberts said.   “There is a gentleman from Kentucky that I ran into that is as spry as can be – amazing to see a World War II Veteran still pitching in our horseshoe tournaments.”

Roberts, a Vietnam Veteran was pleasantly surprised by the number of American Veterans traveling to Greenville, known as the Horseshoe Pitching Capitol of the world to compete in the Ohio State tournament.

“I thought there might be 10 or 12 of us here,” Roberts said. “We have some stories you wouldn’t believe in our membership here in Ohio.”

“It’s amazing,” Roberts stated as he looked over the large number of Veterans. “Some of the stories I knew but there are others that I didn’t know.”

“I am proud to be one of them,” Roberts concluded.

Ohio State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament Veterans:

Beyke, Ray (Greenville, OH) 1959-1961 US Navy

Black, Kenneth (Greenfield, OH) 1968-1972 US Navy

Brandenburg, Jim (Greenville, OH) 1964-1968 US Navy

Brown, John (Lancaster, OH 1951-1953 US Army, Korea

Burkitt, Paul (Hilliard, OH) 1953-1954 US Army, Korea

Byers, Michael (Ostrander, OH) 1968-1971 US Army

Crawford, Doug (Ada, OH) 1969-1971 US Army, Vietnam

Dugger, Roy (West Carrollton, OH) 1962-1965 US Army

Epps, Don (Bellefontaine, OH) 1971-1975 US Air Force

Faulkner, Dale (Bowersville, OH) 1969-1975 US Army, Germany

Kalal, Mike (Burton, OH) US Navy

Knerem, Rick (Freedom, OH) 1966-68 Veitnam

Molnar, Bob (Adamsville, OH) 1965-1971 US Army

Muter, Rick (Celina, OH) 1978-2003 Ohio National Guard

Paul, Marvin (Zanesville, OH) 1977-1981 US Air Force

Rife, Virgil (Napoleon, OH) 1963-1969 Ohio National Guard

Rimer, James 1969-1970 US Army, Vietnam

Roberts, Gary (Stockdale, OH) 1968-1971 US Army Vietnam

Roberts, Ryan (Stockdale, OH) Retired United States Air Force, 3 deployments to Iraq

Shelinbarger, Dale (Beavercreek, OH) 1988-2009 US Navy

Singer, Doug (Dayton, OH) 1983-1993 US Navy, Gulf War

Slaevin, Carl (Louisville, OH) 1959-1963 US Navy

Smith, Dan (Bowling Green, OH) 1966-1968 US Marine Corps, Vietnam

Uhrig, Rex (Circleville, OH) 1977-1983 US Marine Corps

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