Varsity girls compete in Patriot Cross Country Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Tri-Village hosts Patriot Invite

NEW MADISON – Tri-Village hosted the 2021 Patriots Cross Country Invitational with Greenville taking first place in both the boys and girls high school events.

Ansonia’s Matthew Lee tied for fourth, Greenville runners Luke D. Rammel finished 6th, Seth Shaffer 7th and Noah Stevens 8th. Arcanum’s Jacob Rice placed 9th and Greenville’s Trey Rammel finished in 10th place.

Top 10 finishers for the varsity girls had Mississinawa Valley’s Taylee Woodbury taking 1st, Arcanum Arianne Garrison finishing 2nd and Ansonia’s Peyton Billenstein taking 3rd place. Arcanum runners Hailey Unger finished 5th, Kylee Freeman took 6th and Lani Hollinger finished 7th. Greenville’s Jadyn Norris placed 9th and Franklin Monroe’s Zoe Brookey finished 10th.

Arcanum won the junior high boys race and Ansonia took first place in the junior high girls event.

Arcanum runners Cameron Ball finished 3rd, Lance Brinksneader 7th, Malachi Wright 8th and Clark Lemons 9th. Franklin Monroe seventh grader Vail Cox place 10th.

The Ansonia junior high girls took the top three spots; 1st Lydia Hahn, 2nd London Reichert 3rd and Olivia Schmitmeyer fishised 7th overall. MV’s Josslynne Thornhill place 4th, FM runners Hannah Wolfe took 6th and Sami Stull placed 8th. Tri-Village’s Addison Pipenger finished 9th and Arcanum’s Brooklyn Kreusch placed 10th.

 “Great meet for our athletes at Tri-Village,” said Greenville cross country coach, Stephanie Lind. “They were really excited about racing close to home again, and excited to take on a tough course with five water crossings. That excitement translated into wins for both guys and girls squads.

“The guys were first with 44 points, trailed closely by Marion local with 55 points in the 7 team race. Luke D Rammel (6th) led the guys in, even after falling once near the start and once again at a water crossing.”

“Our top five guys had a five-man spread of just 29 seconds which is just amazing. Seth Shaffer was 7th, Noah Stevens 8th, Trey Rammel 10th and Joel Hays 14th. They run like that at practice and it’s translating into a close pack at our races.”

“The girls were also first in the 6 team race, with 35 points. Again, Marion local was not far behind with 40 points.”

“Jaydn Norris led the way for the girls finishing 8th overall. Near the end, I asked Kenzie Baker (12th overall) to get the yellow and blue just ahead of her (Marion local), and she did just that.”

“It was that kind of effort by all the girls that got them the win tonight,” Coach Lind stated. “Megan Lind finished 15th, Charlie Pope 16th and Katelyn Conway 17th. The girls give man spread was only 1 minute 13 seconds and was the thing the needed to get the win.”

High School Boys:

1 Greenville

2 Marion Local

3 Brookville

4 Arcanum

5 Ansonia

6 Franklin

7 Tri-County North

8 Tri-Village

High School Girls:

1 Greenville

2 Marion Local

3 Franklin Monroe

4 Ansonia

5 Preble Shawnee

Junior High Boys:

1 Arcanum Butler

2 Brookville

3 Maria Stein Marion Local

4 Franklin Monroe

5 Preble Shawnee

6 Dixie

Junior High Girls:

1 Ansonia

2 Franklin Monroe

3 Preble Shawnee

4 Arcanum Butler

Tri-Village Patriot Cross Country Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Patriot XC Invite. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
High school boys compete in Patriot Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Tri-Village cross country invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
High School boys cross country runners compete at Patriot Invite. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser

Gaylen Blosser / Publisher

Gaylen Blosser is a sports enthusiast and has covered high school sports for nearly 20 years in Southwest Ohio. Gaylen has been a media sportswriter while most recently serving as Sports Editor for the local newspaper and will now serve as editor of Darke County Now while continuing to cover athletics. Gaylen is an accomplished photographer who has captured thousands of athletes in action over the years and is the recipient of the OHSAA Friends of Athletes Award and OHSAA Respect the Game State Award. Contact Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser at or 937-459-9547.

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