Gus A Berne Doodle joins Tri-Village Staff. Shown with Elementary Principal Shane Mead breeder of the dog and assistant handler, Angie Harrington Elementary Administrative Assistant and dog handler and Superintendent Josh Sagester. (Dale Barger Photo)

Tri-Village Adds 4-Legged Member To Their Staff

NEW MADISON – Tri-Village Schools announced the newest member of their staff, a four-legged patriot named Gus.

Gus will have a part-time work schedule with plenty of time for naps and plenty of love to give to the students in grades K-12.  All students in the Tri-Village Local School District have been invited to participate in the Tri-Village Therapy Dog Program, promoting social-emotional wellness and positive communication skills.  Students will be able to write Gus letters, read Gus books, and calculate how much food Gus consumes during a day, week, and school year.

Gus will be assisted by handler and administrative assistant Mrs. Angie Harrington.  Gus is a 1 ½ year old Berne Doodle (Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix) and is a licensed therapy dog.  Mrs. Harrington and Gus have recently completed extensive training.

Angie has been training with Gus since he was 8 weeks old with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  Elementary Principal Shane Mead is the owner of Gus’s parents and will assist as a trainer as well.

Gus is eager to get started but has 3 simple rules for interaction.  Respect his personal space, put hand out before petting and a limit of 3 students at once.  

Gus the four-legged Patriot will begin on campus classroom visits beginning Monday October 4th.

Angie Harrington is shown handling her new co-worker "Gus" a certified Therapy Dog. (Dale Barger Photo)
Gus is excited to get started working at Tri-Village schools with his first day on Monday October 4th. (Dale Barger Photo)

Dale Barger / Sports Editor

Dale Barger is a lifelong sports enthusiast and has covered high school athletics for nearly 20 years in Southwest Ohio and now becomes sports editor for Darke County now. For 18 years Dale has been a sportswriter for The Daily Advocate and has been published in online sorts magazines and conference websites. Dale is also an accomplished photographer who has captured thousands of athletes in action over the years. Dale is a member of The Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association and was a 2019 recipient of the Ohio High School Athletic Association Southwest District Media Service Award. Dale lives on a 72-acre farm outside of New Madison, Ohio and is married to Rita Ann (Fourman) Barger and together they have two sons and three grandkids. If you don’t see Dale at a sporting event you might catch him following his other passion – photographing nature and wildlife. Contact Darke County Now Editor Media Sports Editor Dale Barger at

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