Ansonia defense makes a stop on the Preble Shawnee Arrows. (Chris Tilton photo)

Tiger Defense Can’t Stop Arrows

Ansonia gives undefeated Preble Shawnee all they can handle in Friday night football action.

CAMDEN – The DVII Ansonia Tigers gave DV Preble Shawnee Arrows all that they could handle this past Friday night.  The Tigers offense rang up 34-points on the league leading Arrows – the most allowed by the undefeated team this season. On any other night 34 points would be enough for a win in the WOAC.  But so far this season no one has figured out how to stop the potent offense of Preble Shawnee.  The Arrows outpaced Ansonia 48-34.

Coach Macy: “We had been struggling on offense most of the year.  So it was nice come out and score like this. But this is the type of team we are going to run into during the playoffs. So this is a good measuring stick for us if we want to make any noise in the post season.”

The Arrows feature Hunter Crocket at running back – a big rambling back who can accelerate. But when you try to pack the box, quarterback Brayden Doran can find an open receiver.  It’s been a 1-2 punch that defenses have had a hard time figuring out all season.

The Tigers actually led the game a couple of times in the first half.  The Arrows took the opening drive for a score and were up.  The Tigers answered after converting a fourth and one at midfield.  Exzavier Moody exploded through the line for a 55-yard TD run.  After the Arrows misfired on the PAT attempt, the Tigers opted to go for a 2-point conversion and lead 8-7.

Again the teams exchanged scores with the Arrows scoring through the air.  Moody answered again with a 28-yard TD run.  Ansonia was up again 15-13.   After another Arrow score, it was Connor Schmit’s turn to respond – with a 31-yard field goal.  Schmit did a good job with his kicking duties on the night.  He would kick another field goal and almost all of his kickoffs were in the end zone – forcing the Arrows to start from the 20-yard line.

So with 33-seconds left in the half, it was a tight ball game.  The Arrows were up by a thin margin, 20-18.   But a pair of Ansonia personal fouls kept the Arrow drive allowing them to score on a Hail Mary with no time left on the clock.  This gave them a 27-18 halftime lead and gave them momentum going into the locker room.

The Arrows scored first in the third quarter, but the Tigers showed that they still had fight in them when Trendon Spence ran that Arrow kickoff 72-yards for a touchdown.  The Tigers remained in striking distance at that point 24-34.   After another Arrow score, Schmit connected on a 28 yard field goal.  But it was getting increasingly difficult for the Tiger defense to hold back the unrelenting offense of the Arrows.  It was 47-28 at one point in the fourth quarter.

It was a hard fought game and emotions were raw.  In the waning minutes there were some stoppages due to personal fouls. The Arrows had a third and a half mile (well actually 52 yards) due to penalties. One of the longest “to go” distances that this reporter has ever seen. Both teams fans got vocal as well – there was no love lost between these two schools. When things settled down the Tigers got the final score of the night when Peyton Beam burst through the line for 47-yards and scored.

Coach Macy was asked to comment on the game, “They’re good. They are tough, but hey we are tough too. We just didn’t have enough firepower and we couldn’t stop them.  That’s what it came down to.  We were score for score with them and then gave up that easy one right at the end of the half on a penalty. But that’s the way that it goes.”

The Tigers are unofficially at position 9 in their DVII district. The team would like to be able to host a first round playoff game. Meaning they need to move up at least one position in the standings. They need a win at home against Mississinawa Valley next week and then see where things fall when the final computer points are generated.

The Tigers gain ground on Preble Shawnee in WOAC action. (Chris Tilton photo)
Ansonia gets moves the ball against the Arrows. (Chris Tilton photo)
Ansonia gets a PAT kick in WOAC play at Preble Shawnee. (Chris Tilton photo)
Ansonia running back slips a tackle in OHSAA football play. (Chris Tilton photo)
Ansonia football coach, Matt Macy and the Tigers football team at Preble Shawnee. (Chris Tilton photo)

Chris Tilton / Correspondent

Chris Tilton has covered sports in Southwest Ohio for the past 23 years and has lived in Southwest Ohio most of his life. He is mostly retired and continues to enjoy travel in the USA and hs been to Asia and Europe. Chris continues to work as a freelance writer. His Hobbies include fishing and computer gaming. Chris lives on a 32 acre farm in the Camden area. He has 10 grandchildren the he enjoys spending time with when he is not covering sports or traipsing around the country.

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