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I don’t ever remember experiencing so many deaths in one year as I have this past year during Covid-19.

My son, Jamie and I, lost many family members and friends in 2020. It’s unbelievable.

I didn’t keep track from the very beginning; however, I have listed the ones whose deaths have affected our lives. Not all of these deaths have been attributed to the virus.

Relatives of ours who have passed away included: Second cousin Emily Moody; cousin, Joan Hiestand; sister-in-law Nancy Moody and her sister, Sue Miller, weeks later; and Dad’s cousin Dick Shook.
Former co-horts of mine in the journalism business who have died include: Phyllis Mong, Margaret Rhoades and Joan Williams.

Current and former business people and other community leaders of the county include: Beverly Marker, Lowell Dill, Dr. Jesse Heise, Fr. John White, Frank Fullenkamp, Ed Collins, Marilyn Barga, Roy Haines, Jim Walls, Leroy Murphy, Kerry Abel, Art Downey Sr., Rev. Elwood Stuart, Elsie Powell, Lee Rutherford, Jim Henby, Glenna Curry, Jay Scheiding, Rev. Paul Chastain, Gary Hemmerich, Barbara Fee and her brother Lee Rutherford, Steve Monnin and Gini Stuckey.

Those from the education arena who passed away include: Bill Marshall, Bob Welch, Gene Cullers, Dennis Temple and Diane Class.

Current and former Ansonia Village and School District residents (where Jamie and I live) who have passed include: Classmates Gail McKnight, Mitch Wiley and Jim Hunt and a little later on, Jim’s mother Mid, Dave Morrow, Dean Edwards, Toni Myers, Joe Mamazza, Chris Young, Jolene Owens, Carol Close, Dean Edwards, Gene Keesy, Mary Bullard, Carol Goodwin, Doreen Sanders Worch, Dennis Goewert, Ruby Walls, Aaron Turner, Kelly Stover, Rhonda Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Jim Dunwoody, Randy Hammaker, Phyllis Turner, Nicole Lyme, Matthew Brown, Penny Wyan Hensel, Harold McKnight, Marge Kell, Gary Hittle, Florence Dickey Wright, Carolyn Newbauer, Jean Eastridge, Larry Allread, Kathy Stover, Sherry Brumbaugh Warvel, Eileen'”Dutch” Riegel, Joan Huff, Donna Hoschouer Dillman, Arthur Fischer, Bob Koesters, Donald E. Smith, Randy Martin, Peggy Smith Bullard and Charles “Chuck” Sleppy.

Other people around the county who have passed include: Lucille Thomas, Dwight Brewer, Jean Wehr, Vinton Shaffer, Harold Schulz, Marilyn Robbins, Margery Pepiot, Margery Prakel, Alice Keller, Jim Bush Jr., Lewis May, Chase Spencer, Atlee Franklin, Tom Rapier, Wayne Neal, Ronnie Kreitzer, Vernon Mangen, Jimmy Seman, Richard Skinner, Keith Adams, Glenna Batten, Marge Kell, Rev. Charles Dunwoody, Billie Marshall, Annie St. Myers, Kathy L. Myers, Lowell Elsass, Mike Garbig, Dickie Marker, Bill Hartzell, Teresa Bowman, Bessie Barga, Jerry Westfall, June Alley and husband Harold, Kelly Ungericht, Bill Burkett, Mary Leugers, Karen Whittaker and her mother Carolyn McGlothin, Sheldon Livingston, Cheryl Leugers, Joan Louise Holdeman and Fran Anderson.

More deaths included: Eddie Bryant, Marsha Henry, Betty Burk, Doug Bruns, Joe Mangas, Kent Bridges, Ron Rexrode, Vincent Hill, Dwight Brewer, Robert D. Mangen, David Grubb, Mike Brown, Jean Emrick, Gary Hittle, Shirley DiRocco, Leonard Gaerke, Myrtle Rowand, Douglas and Hope Shaneyfelt, Mary Hannan, Ruth Bohler, Mary Louise Hamilton, Phyllis Buteau, Floyd Foureman, Phyllis Buckingham, Ron Swartwout, Jennifer Cummins, Tom Stucke, John Winger, Delores Weist, Margaret Baumgardner, Carl “Tuffy” Heinerick, Karla Greer, Neil Isch, Ramona Nichol, Claudia Shepherd, Frederick A. Smith, Velma Lowder, Paulette Shields, Nelson R. Smith, Christina Deeter, Irma Hocker, Dominic Mader, Sally Franz, Bessie Barga and Betty Pease Jones.

If noticed, I used the word “include” because I may have inadvertently missed someone but not intentionally…just a lot to take in.

These and all of the others whose lives are gone are in our thoughts and memories.
Think about it: “Deep friendships are formed by letting someone see your true self, not a parade. Bragging about your strengths doesn’t create bonds.” – Author Unknown.

Darke County Now Staff - Linda Moody - Staff Writer

Linda Moody / Staff Writer

I am a Darke County native living in the Ansonia area with my son. I have been in journalism 50+ years and enjoy what I do.

Contact Darke County Now Media Correspondent Linda Moody @ or 937-337-1955.

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