2022 The Agriculture Education Foundation Offers Scholarships for Future Agri-Science Educators

The Agriculture Education Foundation Offers Scholarships for Future Agri-Science Educators

The Foundation Is Accepting Applications for Five $1,000 Scholarships

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(Columbus, Ohio) The Agriculture Education Foundation is accepting applications for five $1,000 scholarships to  be issued to college students enrolling in Ohio’s agriculture educator programs for the fall semester 2022.  

This opportunity is open to any student who meets the minimum qualifications and is enrolled or planning to  enroll in an agriculture teaching major or 4-H extension major at any of Ohio’s three Universities offering these  programs, another two year or four-year school in Ohio offering a two plus two programs or another pathway to  become an agriculture teacher or extension educator.  

The five scholarships will consist of two for students at a four-year institution, two for students at a community  college with a 2 plus 2 program, and one for an individual using the alternative pathway to become an agri-science  teacher. This will be a non-reimbursable scholarship that can be used for tuition, university housing and class  materials. All funds will be administered through the institution’s office of billing and or tuition assistance.  

All students are encouraged to apply. The Foundation will give increased consideration to students on a pathway  that includes Central State University.  

Applicants must have application materials submitted no later than April 25, 2022, 5pm.

Funds for the fall  semester 2022 will be available through the institution.

Official application documents and requirements are available at www.agised.org. 



The Agriculture Education Foundation is chaired by former State Representative Jim Buchy. The foundation was  formed in 2017 to encourage agriculture education in the city. The foundation points to the need for more  agriculture educators to backfill the known shortage of agriculture teachers in Ohio. Specifically, a successful pilot  program with agriculture in schools in Cleveland and Cincinnati demonstrated that agriculture education is a  component to increasing graduation rates. The foundation knows this success is garnered from the values  naturally instilled by agriculture. The success of the programs are inherently tied to the educators leading the  programs. The foundation will identify and promote agriculture educators that further enhance the mission of  agriculture in the city. The mission of the foundation is to promote agricultural education accessibility and support  agriculture educators by connecting those in action with resources for success. 

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