Snow, Stains, and Sisters


With the weather starting to feel like late autumn and the first snow appearing, I’m reminded of my senior year at GHS the first Monday of November in ‘66. It was the first week of basketball practice and my Dad, who never stopped in at a practice, showed up and had a word with Coach Clarence Gueth. Seems like a storm was starting to rage outside with a major snowfall in the forecast; we were sent home early, not knowing that it would be a full week before we would be back in the gym! The storm basically shut down Darke County and most of southwest Ohio for the next four or five days; I remember going with good friend John Overmyer and his father to the Ohio State-Indiana football game in Columbus that Saturday, having to navigate Route 49 which was one-lane part of the way down to what was completed  of I-70 at that time. Funny what a little snow will do to jog your memory!! 

Versailles’ Tigers moved on to the regional finals in D-V with a 14-0 victory over Cincinnati Taft earning the right to face Preble Shawnee who defeated Cincinnati Roger Bacon 35-28.  The Tigers, out of the MAC, will face the WOAC champion Arrows Saturday night at 7:00 at Trotwood-Madison. Should be an interesting game, but one which the Tigers should win. 

Meanwhile, Tri-Village’s Patriots ran into a buzzsaw in St. Henry, losing by a 34-0 count, ending a great season for the Red, White, and Blue. In only the fifth year of varsity football in New Madison, T-V has made great strides. St. Henry on the other hand has been a long established powerhouse with a proud tradition. Keep your chins up Patriot fans, your program is on the right track to sustained success! 

What do you make of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers? Seems to me that he intentionally misled not only the NFL but also the American public with his stated “I’m immunized” remark concerning his Covid status. He not only stained his reputation but also hurt his team as they lost to the Chiefs while he was out due to the league’s Covid protocol. 

I went to the Ohio State-Niagara basketball game Friday evening with my son-in-law Matt and two grandsons, Tripp and Bennett. State had its hands full with the Golden Eagles before winning 84-74; I’m constantly amazed by the quickness and skills of D-I players, especially when viewed from the fifth row mid-court. Versailles’ Justin Ahrens started for the Bucks and had six points while playing a good all-around game; it’s good to see him getting quite a bit of court time thus far! 

How about THE dominating Purdue at the ‘Shoe Saturday? The offense was unstoppable while the defense looked a little suspect again—two huge games loom with Michigan State and the School Up North standing in the way of yet another Big Ten title. Most Buckeye fans are starting to sense an invitation to the College Football Playoffs! 

Congratulations to the Reds’ NL Rookie of the Year Jonathan India. The young second baseman had a standout season and seems set to be a long-time fixture down on the river. 

High school girls basketball starts in earnest Friday as the teams begin the 22-game schedule. We’ll know more about what each team has after the first few weeks of play; it will be good to be playing to hopefully full gyms after last year’s Covid restrictions!

 Have you ever seen a more boring game in the NFL than Sunday’s tie between the winless Lions and the Steelers? Without Ben Roethlisberger at QB the Steelers were stuck in first gear the entire contest while the Lions were just as hapless. Both teams made major mistakes in  the extra period, denying themselves a chance at a win—if playing to a tie is like kissing your  sister then no one on either team should attend their family Thanksgiving dinner! 

Finally, what the heck happened to the Browns up in New England? After trouncing the Bengals the previous week, Cleveland looked like a team that had never seen a football before.  With the Ravens losing to the Dolphins, the Bengals on their bye week, and the above mentioned Steelers sleepwalking, the Browns missed a golden opportunity to move up in the AFC North. Back to the drawing board!! Until next time, stay healthy and active!

Dr. Alex Warner | Correspondent for Darke County Now

Dr. Alex Warner / Correspondent

Alex Warner is a retired Greenville chiropractor as well as a former educator and high school coach. He has over 30 years experience in broadcasting high school sports on both radio and public access television in addition to producing over 50 episodes of the local television series “Our Town”. A man of many interests, he is naturally curious with a “gift of gab”. He currently writes the weekly sports column “Shots in the Darke” and hosts “Talk of the Town” featuring people, places, and events that make Darke County the place we choose to reside.

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