Local Born Artist Don Mong Talks About His Art With Some Darke County Fair Visitors

See Local Artist Don Mong in our booth at the Great Darke County Fair

The Great Darke County Fair 2021

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Come see our booth at the The Great Darke County Fair and say hello to Locally Grown Artist, Don Mong!

He is here today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) from 1pm until 6pm, and he will be giving out autographed prints to some lucky Fair Visitors!

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Darke County News

Don Mong sits with a guest at the GDCF in the Darke County Now Booth
Artist Don Mung at Darke County Fair 2021
Don Mong was born in Darke County and continues to support his birthplace.

Clinton Randall / Digital Development Director

Clinton is a lifelong resident of Darke County with over a decade of covering local news and sports. He has won several journalism awards from the Associated Press, along with regional and national digital awards as the Webmaster for local news outlets.

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