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Sacrilege, Orange Barrels, and Geritol

Shots in the Darke | by Dr. Alex Warner

Random thoughts on a Tuesday evening, sitting on the patio:

It’s a strange feeling with high school football in the area kicking off the FIRST weekend of the Great Darke County Fair. With expanded playoffs, the season starts earlier than normal this fall; to Darke Countians, it’s almost sacrilegious! Good luck to all county teams!

Veteran GHS Girls Tennis coach Jim Koontz faces a rebuilding year with a young, fairly inexperienced team going up against stiff MVL competition.

With the graduation of four seniors including ace Emily Marchal, sophomore Sadie Lance at first singles will lead a group of green and white netters that include the seasoned first doubles team of senior Cheyenne Hartsock and junior Sarah Sovoy along with juniors Gracie Thacker and Josie Camacho, sophomore Emily Sturgill, and freshman Haylee Shuttleworth. If you get the chance, stop by the city park courts and root them on!

After driving to Indianapolis last week I’m convinced that the Indiana state flower is the orange barrel! With I-70 through downtown Indy a disaster it took us over an hour to get to open roads. Forgot to mention Friday afternoon rush hour, which didn’t calm my nerves and ease my frustration!

The Reds continue to battle for a wild card position in the NL playoffs. With Michael Lorenzon back from the injured list and newly acquired Mychal Givens finally solidifying the back end of the bullpen, a rejuvenated Joey Votto, solid play throughout most of the lineup (Eugenio Suarez excepted) and a most favorable schedule the rest of the way (thank you Cubs and Pirates!), the team seems set to make a strong stretch run.

Big city driving part two—took over an hour to get out of Columbus last Wednesday—rush hour, heavy rain, detours, and an accident at I-270 and route 23 caused a second case of frustration in less than a week. Give me Darke County traffic anytime! Just use those turn signals!

Head GHS Cross Country coach Stephanie Lind welcomes a strong freshmen class this fallto blend in with a group of returning lettermen on both the girls and boys teams. Junior Tessa Fine assumes the lead role for the girls, taking over for the graduated Isabelle Rammel. She’ll be joined by freshmen Kylie Unger, Charlie Pope, and Lauren Schmitmeyer among others.

Freshman Trey Rammel has run well in pre-season workouts and with senior Seth Shaffer and six other returning lettermen on hand the boys harriers should be competitive. Cross country is a tough, demanding sport that is often overlooked, a 5K test of physical and mental conditioning.

Support the teams as they host the Treaty City Invitational on September 4th at the Altar of Peace in the city park, you won’t be disappointed!

College football at the Division-I Power 5 conferences is facing an uncertain future as league realignments come to the forefront. With Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, a host of other schools are rumored to be seeking greener pastures (interpret that as more television revenue!).

It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next year or two—how does this affect the other 50 or so D-I teams and conferences such as the MAC and AAC? What impact will this have on sports other than football? Add into the mix the new ruling on athletes being compensated via the NIL (name, image, likeness) and you have what could be the end of college athletics as we’ve known them, at least at the highest levels. Stay tuned!!

Finally, in our continuing quest for good music, Kathy and I, along with family and friends, were at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering last week for the Happy Together tour with groups from the ‘60’s and ‘70s like The Association, The Turtles, and The Vogues singing classics. Basically a bunch of 70-80 year olds trying to hit all the right notes for an audience of mainly 70-80 year olds!

Until next time, stay healthy and active—pass the nostalgia and Geritol!!

Dr. Alex Warner | Correspondent for Darke County Now

Dr. Alex Warner / Correspondent

Alex Warner is a retired Greenville chiropractor as well as a former educator and high school coach. He has over 30 years experience in broadcasting high school sports on both radio and public access television in addition to producing over 50 episodes of the local television series “Our Town”. A man of many interests, he is naturally curious with a “gift of gab”. He currently writes the weekly sports column “Shots in the Darke” and hosts “Talk of the Town” featuring people, places, and events that make Darke County the place we choose to reside.

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