Director Krista Fourman, in red shirt, presents information on recycling to a group of area children. (Complimentary photo)

Recycling helps clean up county

GREENVILLE— Krista K. Fourman, district director of Darke County Solid Waste District, loves her job and gives it her “all” to get rid of household waste and making it recyclable.

At the recent Paper Shred Day, Fourman said 10,000 pounds of paper was turned in to be shredded. There were 159 vehicles that showed up and it lasted from 9 a.m. to noon.

“It was very successful,” she said.

Not only does her office host Paper Shred Day but there are also designated dates for other types of recyclables, including tires, electronics, appliances, household waste and plastic bottle caps.

Her job has become a little simpler when the Solid Waste District partnered with 1 Shot Scrap and Recycling Center at 6377 Hahn Road, near Bradford.

“We are very fortunate to have them,” Fourman said. “1 Shot is open six days a week. We don’t have to worry about trucks. Some stuff can be taken there all year long. All metals and batteries of value…they will take it.”

Some items, however, can be brought to the district office at 684 Wagner Ave.,  Suite C, behind Bismarck Doughnuts and Edward Jones.

Here, they will accept Christmas lights and extension cords all year round. It was noted they accept Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and LED lights in addition to printer cartridges, printers, all kinds of batteries and  the plastic bottle caps.

The bottle caps are used to make memorial benches that can be seen all around the Darke County Fairgrounds, with more being made.

“I go to Evansville, Ind., to exchange the caps for benches,” Fourman said. “It takes 250 pounds of caps and money for a bench.”

Usually going with her to pick up those benches is her fiance, Bill Unger, to whom she will be getting married July 16.

A 1993 graduate of Arcanum High School, Fourman began working in the Solid Waste program and became the director in 2013, after working five years with her predecessor, Anne Vehre.

“Solid Waste is funded by trash that is thrown away,” Fourman said. We have to show that we do at least 25 percent recycling in the county.”

Working with her in the office is Melissa Werling, and help also comes from Julie Monnin and Trevor Collins out of the Darke County Municipal Court. When it comes to bottle cap recycling, she can count on associates of Venture Link out of Celina, from the local Happy Place, and community service from municipal and common pleas court.

The annual Trash Bash, which lasts two days, was held in April. That’s where various groups gather to pick up litter out of the side ditches on Darke County roadways.

The Darke County Community Clean-Up days are scheduled rain or shine.  The groups work two-mile locations they are assigned, picking up bags of trash and recyclables. Usually the cleaning-up groups can be started with friends from school, work, church, and volunteer organizations or clubs. Each group are given black bags for trash and clear bags for recyclables, and are rewarded a monetary amount for their efforts.

“The $75 award must be given to a Darke County, Ohio non-profit organization,” it was noted.
Trucks from the Darke County Highway Garage follow assigned routes and picked up bags left on the targeted collection roads on Monday.

Here are the featured recycling events:

*April: Appliances. This event used to be one day annually now it is a whole month at 1 Shot. Items accepted will be refrigerators, washer and dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, stoves, dehumidifiers, freezers, furnaces and grills. Freon removal and recycling are done for free.

*May: Electronics  This, too, is done the whole month at 1 Shot where it used to be just one day. All items dropped off for electronics recycling, which is for Darke County businesses, industries and residents only, must be taken to 1 Shot. No pre-registration is required. Accepted will be computers (CPUs, PCs and laptops), keyboards, monitor (flat screen), printers, electric typewriters, power tools, radios, stereo equipment, small kitchen appliances, microwaves and toaster ovens, telephone equipment, telecommunications equipment, manufacturing equipment, cables, cords and other electronic wiring, any small items that have a cord, and copiers. Not accepted will be CRT televisions. However, they will accept CERT television monitors for a charge: $10 for 30-inch screen and smaller; $15 for over 30-inch screen and $15 for projection televisions. One Shot will only take televisions during the event only.

*July and October: Paper Shred Day to protect countians from potential identical theft. There is an eight-box limit.

*September: Tire Day. Due to the overwhelming response to the last few Tire Recycling Days, the district and the Darke County Commissioners have decided to make this an annual event, pending funding. Each Darke County address is limited as
to  the number of passenger tires. Again this year, the district will accept passenger, semi/truck tires and tractor tires for a charge. Charges are based on the current rate being charged by Rumpke at the time of the collection.

*October: Household hazardous waste including chemicals, oils, gasoline and paint (latex and enamel). For aerosol cans, there is a small charge.

According to Solid Waste’s website, it was in 1988 when stories of abandoned hazardous waste dumps filled newspapers and out-of-state garbage threatened to fill up Ohio landfills, the Ohio legislature decided to act to avoid a future waste disposal crisis in Ohio. As a result, Ohio House Bill 592, the state’s solid waste management law, was enacted.

It requires Ohio’s counties to take responsibility for planning adequate landfill capacity for their citizens and reducing the amount of trash disposed in landfills. To do this, every county in Ohio is required to have a Solid Waste District, and a plan covering at least a 15-year period, detailing how they will reduce the amount of solid waste disposed by their citizens and businesses.

Each district plan must contain specific programs for the reduction of: household waste, industrial waste, household hazardous waste, yard waste and tires.
The district’s plan must be approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the cities, villages and townships located within the district. It is updated every five years with current information and new programs. Darke County’s current plan was approved in August 2015. Each year the district is required to report to the Ohio EPA the amount of progress made toward reaching the statewide goal of reducing or recycling 50 percent of the total waste generated in Ohio.

Since the approval of the district’s first solid waste plan in 1993, the Darke County District has implemented a variety of recycling and waste reduction opportunities for Darke County citizens.

Ohio law allows solid waste districts to fund their recycling programs by collecting a fee on solid waste disposed in landfills and transfer stations. The law requires Ohio landfills and transfer stations to collect fees on behalf of districts and remit the fees monthly to the appropriate Solid Waste District.
The Darke County Solid Waste District is funded by a $8 per ton generation fee that is charged on waste originating in Darke County. The fee is collected at any landfill or transfer station in Ohio where Darke County waste is taken.

In order to fund educational programs and special waste reduction projects, the district also seeks out and applies for grant funds.
The district does not receive funding from the county general fund. Neither can district fees be used to support county activities. Fee revenue can only be spent on district activities.

The Darke County Solid Waste District office can provide more information on waste reduction programs, as well as speakers, literature and information on Darke County recycling opportunities.

The District Policy Committee is a seven-member committee responsible for the development of the district plan and programs. Representatives include: Chairman Larry Holmes, a Darke County commissioner; Vice Chairman Dr. Terrence Holman, Darke County’s health commissioner; Greenville City Mayor Steve Willman; Richard “Rick” Brooks, Jackson Township trustee; James Schaar of the Darke County Environmental  Council; Duane Edwards, community representative; and Lisa L. Garland, director of Environmental Services, Wayne HealthCare.

The district Board of Directors is responsible for implementing district waste reduction programs in accordance with the district plan. By Ohio law, the board consists of  Darke County Commissioners Matthew W. Aultman, Larry Holmes and Michael E. Stegall.

Recycling sites in Darke County are: Ansonia at corner of Cross and Pearl streets; Butler Township at corner of Grubbs-Rex and Emrick roads; Gettysburg at 216 High St. – near water tower; Hollansburg at Village Park on Union Street; Palestine on U.S. 36 at park; North Star at American Legion Hall on U.S. 127; New Madison at gravel lot behind city building; New Weston  on Pine Street in Alley behind council hall; Union City, across the street from city administration building; Versailles at Wayne Township Garage; Wayne Lakes in Neave Township,  1053 Main (in front of village garage); and Rumpke – 5474 Jaysville St. John Road, Greenville.

For more information, contact the Darke County Solid Waste District at 937-547-0827.

In addition to working outside the office, Director Krista Fourman is spending some time on the telephone and computer answering questions pertaining to recycling. (Linda Moody photo)
Darke County Now Staff - Linda Moody - Staff Writer

Linda Moody / Staff Writer

I am a Darke County native living in the Ansonia area with my son. I have been in journalism 50+ years and enjoy what I do.

Contact Darke County Now Media Correspondent Linda Moody @ or 937-337-1955.

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