Greenville Grad and current Walsh University cross country runner, Isabelle Rammel and her brother, GHS senior Luke Rammel share time at recent Greenville First Friday. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Rammel begins second season with Walsh XC

Greenville graduate Isabelle Rammel returns for sophomore year with Walsh University cross country team

GREENVILLE – Isabelle Rammel, a 2021 Greenville Senior High School graduate and standout Lady Wave cross country runner is heading back to Walsh University to begin her second year of studies while competing with the Lady Cavaliers cross country team.

“It was so much fun,” Rammel said, “It was an awesome learning experience, getting to go with this big team that was so excited about racing and achieving and seeing all of these amazing runners like Olympic level talent.”

Rammel had a very successful freshman year running for the NCAA DII school while making the cut to travel with the team to the National Meet at Florida’s Saint Leo University.

“It was a little intimidating,” noted Rammel. “I’m used to being in the middle or the front of the race but I’m a freshman at a high level collegiate race – I was in the back but it was a lot of fun too because you get to experience it in a whole different way. I had a lot of cool perspective from that.”

A 2021 Walsh Women’s roster that numbered 17 Lady Cavaliers sent seven runners to the 2021 National Meet including Rammel.

“Altogether we have 17 but seven run at the National Meet so I was number seven,” she said. “I just squeaked my way in so it was really awesome.”

“It is a lot of work, it’s a job and I am super passionate about it,” Rammel said of competing for Walsh. “I wouldn’t have it any other way but it is very busy and it’s a life style. I am so glad that I am doing what I am, but it is definitely not for everybody.”

Rammel spent this summer in Greenville staying in running shape while working out with her former GHS coaches, former high school cross country teammates and college roommate.

“I still meet up and run with some of my old coaches and I run with the Greenville team at least once a week,” Rammel noted. “I’m excited to see where some of our incoming seniors end up. I am always excited to see where the people that helped me – where they go.”

“I have a teammate, Clair Rathman who is going to be an incoming freshman from Fort Loramie. She ran at the state meet this past year and got second in the 1600. We have been running together this summer and have been able to train together. She is super nice.”

“I feel like I am in great shape,” she added. “I had a little bit of an injury this spring but I was able run through it and run at our conference meet. They take good care of me up at school.”

Rammel continues to see her times improve at the collegiate level.

“A lot of my races are different lengths,” Rammel shared. “I ran the 5K a lot in high school and now I’ve been running the 6K so it doesn’t compare exactly but I have a lot of PRs – PRs in the 3K. I got to run the 10K this season too. I have been racing different distances but I have had some PRs in the distances that have matched up which is awesome.”

Travel is an added bonus for Rammel along with a coaching staff she appreciates.

“It is so cool,” she said. “The traveling is my favorite part, getting to go with the team and see everything. We went to Wisconsin and Illinois. We went down to Owensboro, KY for our conference meet, it was so nice. We stayed right on the river, it was so pretty. We were there all week for our conference meet which is a really fun experience. I have gotten to see a lot.”

The coaches are really awesome,” Rammel continued. “They listen so much and are really receptive and open to anything that is happening with the team. They’re just excited about the program too and super invested, so it’s a lot fun.”

Rammel is planning on returning to Walsh this week to begin her sophomore season of cross country while furthering her education.

“I am super excited because we are aiming to go to Nationals in Seattle this fall,” Rammel concluded. “That is the goal and hopefully we get there.”

Walsh University Cross Country team member, Isabelle Rammel.
Greenville graduate Isabelle Rammel competes at the 2020 Treaty City Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Greenville graduate Isabelle Rammel competes at the 2020 Treaty City Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Greenville graduate Isabelle Rammel competes at the 2020 Treaty City Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Greenville graduate Isabelle Rammel competes at the 2020 Treaty City Invitational. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
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