LeeAnn Wenning (left) stands with her brother, Chris Boyd, co-owners of Boyd Cleaners and Coin-Op Laundry, located at 501 E. Main Street in Greenville, and invites residents and patrons to visit The Purrfect Haven Bake Sale, ongoing now through Friday, Nov. 26. (Carol Marsh photo)

‘Purrfect’ Holiday Treats

Boyd’s Annual Holiday Bake Sale benefits The Purrfect Haven 

GREENVILLE – As our shopping and grocery lists grow a little longer around Thanksgiving and beyond, we dream of those glorious slices of pumpkin pie, brownies and other assorted holiday goodies which await us on our dinner tables. Thankfully, from now until Friday, Darke County residents will not only have an opportunity to purchase a few delicious home-baked items, but also support a devoted local Greenville animal shelter as well. 

The Purrfect Haven Holiday Bake Sale, now in its fifth year, is ongoing through Friday, November 26, offering residents a tempting array of home baked goods, such as cinnamon, banana, pumpkin, and zucchini breads, as well as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, “people chow” made with Chex mix and pretzels – to list a few items –available now in the lobby of Boyd Cleaners and Coin-Op Laundry, located at 501 E. Main St., in Greenville.

Creating a homelike atmosphere for cats and dogs, The Purrfect Haven was the inspiration of Greenville resident LeeAnn (Boyd) Wenning, co-owner of Boyd Cleaners. When her close friend, Martha Woodbury, a lifelong supporter of the Darke County Humane Society, passed away in 2016, Wenning took in her cats, along with several others. Soon afterwards, Wenning’s vision of creating a small animal sanctuary became a reality when Dick and Donna Brandt donated the money to build The Purrfect Haven.

“I met Martha, and we got to be good friends. When she passed away, I took in her cats. We helped each other out a lot, and she was my inspiration,” said Wenning. “People then started to call me, by word-of-mouth, wanting to know if I would take stray kittens and cats… and, dogs, too!”

Currently, The Purrfect Haven provides shelter for over 100 cats and kittens, one housedog, and four outside dogs. Although not currently taking in any new feline or canine residents, The Purrfect Haven provides the opportunity for local stray animals to have a happy, social, home-like experience. Kittens and cats must be seen by a local vet, undergo testing for feline HIV and Leukemia, and be up-to-date on all shots. In addition, The Purrfect Haven makes sure that each cat undergoes spay and neuter operations.

“We have little swimming pools in the summer and heat in the winter for our dogs, with large windows in the shelter for our cats. They are very well taken care of,” said Wenning, adding, “But it can be expensive, with vet bills about four or five hundred dollars per month, not counting the cost of food or kitty litter.”

Wenning, and her husband, Joe, along with her children and grandchildren, all volunteer at The Purrfect Haven, sharing the many responsibilities of running a local shelter. With her siblings Tim, Sharon, Chris, and Kathy, Wenning continues to work at Boyd Cleaners and Coin-Op Laundry, started in 1966 by her parents, longtime Greenville residents Marion and Joan Boyd. 

In addition to the annual “Holiday Bake Sale” to offset the cost of operating The Purrfect Haven, a donation jar sits on the Boyd Cleaners counter year-round, for those who wish to “pay-it-forward” with some spare change or a few extra dollars. Residents and patrons can stop by anytime between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to pick up some holiday treats or drop a donation in the jar. 

“I retired six years ago, but I still work every day,” said Wenning, with a smile. “They don’t eat if I don’t work!” 

Boyd Cleaners and Coin-Op Laundry, located at 501 E. Main Street in Greenville, is hosting a bake sale now through Friday, November 26, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., to benefit The Purrfect Haven animal shelter. A donation jar is also available year-round. (Carol Marsh photo)
Home-baked goodies, like pumpkin bread, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, grace a table in the front of the Boyd Cleaners lobby, along with a colorful jar to receive donations to benefit The Purrfect Haven, a cat and dog shelter in Greenville, Ohio. (Carol Marsh photo)

Carol Marsh / Correspondent

Carol Marsh is a human interest/features writer who enjoys telling the stories of Darke County's people, places, and events, both past and present. She enjoys music, scrapbooking, reading Jane Austen, loves cooking (almost as much as scrapbooking) and is a homeschool mom of two.

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