Public notice of divorces, dissolutions


March 4:  Cathy L. Baldwin, 55, of Versailles vs. Jeffrey R. Baldwin, 58, of Versailles

March 7: Tina A. Widener Reed, 45, of Greenville vs. Timothy M. Widener, 47, of Greenville


March 7: Jamie M. Paulus, 44, of Arcanum vs. Alexander J. D. Paulus, 33, of Palestine

March 10: Matt Townsend, 48, of Union City vs. Allyson Townsend, 31, of Lynn, Ind.

March 18: Mary J. Garber, 43, of Bradford vs. Noah A. Garber, 47, of Greenville

Previous Mark Powell of Greenville, Ohio (66)

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