Public notice of divorces, dissolutions


Feb. 1: Deborah A. Geyer, 68, of Union City, vs. Larry E. Geyer, 70, of Union City

Feb. 1: Tye Teaford, 28, of Union City, vs. Samantha Baker, 26, of Hilliard

Feb. 9: Nicole L. Gilbert, 50, of Greenville, vs. Terry Gilbert, 51, of Lima


Feb. 2: Alissa R. Bradburn, 46, of Greenville, vs. Randy J. Bradburn, 49, of Greenville

Feb. 8: Samantha Walter, 33, of Greenville, vs. Charles Walter III, 42, of Greenville

Feb. 14: Kristen Gosnell, 41, of Ansonia, vs. Trevor Gosnell, 44, of Ansonia

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