Public notice of divorces, dissolutions


Jan. 5: Allison R. Medrano, 46, of Ansonia, vs. Kurt Medrano, 46, of Imlay City, Mich., without children

Jan. 6: Savanna J. Hill, 26, of Greenville, vs. Tanner Hill, 27, of Greenville, with children

Jan. 20: Amber Whittaker, 34, of Versailles, vs. Ryan Whittaker, 36, of Versailles, with children

Jan. 20: Amy L. Loy, 52, of New Madison, vs. Mark Loy, 53, of New Madison, without children

Jan. 25: Nicholas Fout, 40, of Ansonia, vs. Cheryl Fout, 38, of Norwalk, with children

Jan 27: Holly Leichty, 44, Panama City, Fla., vs. Travis Leichty, 58, of Versailles, without children

Jan. 28: William Ledington, 50, of Greenville, vs. Ruby Ledington, 45, of St. Thomas, Pa., without children


Dec. 28: Angela A. Perin, 55, of Greenville, vs. Kenneth A. Rinderle, 56, of Greenville, without children

Jan. 13: Kayleigh D. E. Parks, 36, of Arcanum, vs. Jeremiah M. Parks, 40, of Arcanum, without children

Jan. 27: Ty Dues, 41, of Bradford, vs. Lauren Dues, 35, of Bradford, with children

Jan. 27: James A. Dickey, 68, of Arcanum, vs. Chris Dickey, 69, of Arcanum, without children

Jan. 28: Jerry D. Hamilton Jr., 59, of Greenville, vs. Bridgett L. Hamilton, 31, of Ansonia, with children

Previous Commissioner Larry Holmes appointed to CCAO Board of Directors

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