Public Notice of Divorces and Dissolutions


Sept. 27: Justin Dunevant, 33, of Union City, Ind. vs. Harlie Arnold, 33, of Union City, with children

Sept. 29: Rebecca Eckard, 52, of Greenville vs. Travis T. Eckard, 50, of Greenville, without children

Sept. 30: Shannan Rader, 43, of Greenville vs. Sherrie Rader, 44, of Greenville, without children

Oct. 1: Jenelle D. Willmeth, 31, of Greenville vs. Jonathan R. Willmeth, 30, of Greenville, with children

Oct. 4: Brittany Noble, 35, of Gettysburg vs. Kerry Noble Jr., 38, of Gettysburg, with children

Oct. 8: April L. Wright, 42, of Union City vs. Craig A. Short, 44, of Gettysburg, without children


Sept. 28: David E. Castle, 55, of Greenville vs. Monica R. Castle, 36, of Greenville, with children

Oct. 6: Ashlee Curtner, 35, of New Paris vs. Nathan Curtner, 34, of New Madison, with children

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