OSU Ext. to host pop up wheat field day

ANSONIA—Wheat producers will need to be making fungicide application decisions in the next few weeks for flag leaf and flowering. OSU Extension Darke County has been hosting a disease monitoring project for wheat for the last two seasons.

Dr. Maira Rodrigues Duffeck with the wheat pathology lab at Ohio State has been leading this study. Dr. Duffeck will be joined by Amanda Kohnen, Syngenta Territory Manager and Taylor Dill Darke County ANR Educator to do a short field day on wheat. Topics that will be covered are wheat staging, disease pressure, fungicide applications, and Head Scab Risk for 2022.

The event will be held at the wheat field on the corner of Elroy-Ansonia Rd and St. Route 118 in Ansonia on May 11 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Dill at 937-548-5215 or email her at dill.138@osu.edu

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