Molly Clark’s golden year

By Isabella Brewer, Bradford-UVCC FFA Reporter

BRADFORD—Molly Clark, Secretary of the Bradford-UVCC FFA has really made her mark.

Over the past few weeks she has accomplished many big things that required lots of hard work along the way. It has all paid off as she earned her State FFA Degree, a gold-rated secretary book, and has placed top four in the swine production entrepreneurship proficiency in the state of Ohio all in the same school year.

Earning a state degree is no easy feat. There are many requirements and guidelines that must be followed and met in order to earn this major accomplishment. Those requirements include: has earned a chapter FFA degree, has paid dues and is currently enrolled in an agriculture education program, has completed 1.5, or 270 hours, of school instruction in an ag program, has maintained organized records for a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) and met requirements within the SAE, has participated in at least two Career Development Events (CDE’s), has demonstrated abilities/knowledge of parliamentary procedures, has given a six minute ag-related speech, has been in a leadership role within their chapter, has participated in at least eight FFA activities about the chapter level, recorded at least 25 hours of community service, has a GPA of at least a 2.0, and has participated in at least one school or professional organization activity.

Molly met all of these requirements and surpassed the minimum amounts needed in many categories. A lot of hard work and time was put into achieving her state degree and the Bradford-UVCC FFA chapter could not be more proud to add her to the list of those that have achieved this degree while being enrolled in the chapter.

In order to earn a gold rating on a secretary book there were equally as many requirements as for the state degree. Again, a lot of hard work and dedication went into her earning this award. The requirements include: a book put together that includes names of national, state, and chapter officers as well as committee chairs, a copy of chapter program of activities, FFA membership roll, FFA member attendance and activity records, agendas from all chapter meetings, minutes from all chapter meetings and committee reports, correspondence, and constitution and bylaws of the chapter. All of the above is judged based on meeting the minimum requirements, organization, ease of use, and appearance. Her grading of all of these pieces fell within the numbers to earn a gold rating, the highest possible grading for a secretary book.

Once again, her proficiency had to meet many requirements and was judged throughout for the following: quality of the SAE, skills learned, challenges overcome, size of the project, growth made in the project since the start of it, and growth in money/material input and output. The main point of the grading is how much the person and project have grown since it was started and how much time, effort, and quality work/organization was put into it. Molly placed top four in the state of Ohio and will have an interview on March 24 to determine her final placing. She will find out her placing at the 94th Ohio FFA Convention on May 6.

We are wishing Molly the best of luck with the finalized proficiency ranking but no matter the result the Bradford-UVCC FFA is incredibly proud of all that Molly has accomplished over the course of the past school year. She is very determined, very hard working, and very driven, and has earned every bit of each title she has earned.

Staff Report

This article was written by someone else and submitted to Darke County Now for publication.

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