This is where the mound of dirt was worked over and over again in various ways at Foureman's Gravel Pit before some of it was taken to Connie Stollar's home to be used on her lawn. Mike Fitzwater demonstrates one way he took care of the mound while at the pit. (Linda Moody photo)

Missing class ring found, returned to original owner

GREENVILLE—After graduating four years ago, Chloie Graves of Greenville now has her class ring back, thanks to Hayden Hunt, an eighth-grader at Tri-Village.

Connie Foureman-Stollar said Hayden was helping her son, Kacey Stollar, do yard work at her house.

The dirt used to do that lawn work came from a stockpile that was at Foureman’s Gravel Pit on Wildcat Road.

“Kacey and Hayden helped me to rake it in my backyard and Hayden found it,” she said.

When first checking it out, Hayden thought it belonged to Connie’s granddaughter, but upon further investigation, they realized it was a class ring.
After cleaning the mud off the ring, they saw where it belonged to someone named Chloie. Also visible was the year 2018. The dirt at the gravel pit came from Greenville High School. So, they figured it belonged to a local person.

Connie reported on Facebook that the ring was found  and accompanied the message with a photo of it on July 12.

Several days later, Chloie got hold of Connie, claimed it and she came and got it.

“People who knew me and know her got hold of her from seeing it on my post,” Connie said.

As noted before, the pile of dirt in which the ring was found was stockpiled at the gravel pit. Gravel pit worker, Mike Fitzwater, had stirred the pile all winter then loaded it in a dump truck and also raked it down with a bulldozer to break up the dirt clods.

“We have had that dirt since last fall,”  Connie said.

And, despite all of the work done Conne’s house in a dump truck and moved around with a Bobcat and then the final hand raking when Hayden Hunt found it.

Yet the ring was in perfect condition.

“We’re happy to say the class ring has been returned to the owner,” Connie remarked. “I’d say something like that happening is a million to one odds….then, the odds of finding the owner with all Facebook friends; help. Amazing.”

Connie said Graves was happy to get her ring back but never told her how she lost it.

“It’s been missing a few years,” said Graves in a telephone conversation. “I had it when I graduated and then lost it. I’m glad to have it back.”

Graves is now the mother of a 7-month-old daughter, Bonnie and still living in the Greenville area.

“We’re glad  it found its way back home,” Connie said. “Hayden thought it was pretty cool. Someone said, ‘This was not a needle in a haystack but a ring in a dirt pile’.”

Has anything else ever been found at the gravel pit over the years? The only thing Connie can remember  are arrowheads, fossils and all kinds of rocks.

Here is the class ring that was found from a mound of dirt that landed in Connie Foureman-Stollar's yard when helpers assisted her with some lawn work. A young boy found it and, after some, "investigating," found its rightful owner. (Courtesy photo)
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