(L-R) Connie Germann, Debbie Nisonger, Helen Wright, Office Manager Timothy Burns, DAR Regent Brenda Arnett, Karen Burkett, Caroline Petitjean, Michelle Alderman, and Linda Clark.

Mercer Savings Bank “Giving Mission Spotlight” to Ft. GreeneVille Daughters of the American Revolution

GREENVILLE— Mercer Savings Bank is proud to announce Fort GreeneVille Daughters of the American Revolution as the latest Giving Mission recipient of $1,000. As a community bank, Mercer Savings Bank believes in giving back to the communities in which they serve.

The DAR’s primary mission is to promote patriotism, preserving American history and securing America’s future through better education. In the Greenville area, one of the chapter’s largest projects each year is their participation in Wreaths Across America. During this event, more than 1,594 evergreen wreaths are laid on veterans’ graves in Greenville Union Cemetery in Greenville. The organization has also assisted in activities such as researching and honoring Revolutionary War veterans buried in Darke County, adopting classrooms, and sending support to active military personnel.

“For anything we do with veterans…we want to show that we appreciate them, and what they’ve done and offered,” said Karen Burkett, chaplain and member of the Ft. GreenVille DAR.

The chapter is also actively involved in supporting other local organizations that help preserve history. It has worked with the Garst Museum in Greenville, partnered with the Greenville mayor for the 225th anniversary of the Treaty of Greenville in 2020, cemetery veteran tours, and restoring the Greenville Park stockades.

The chapter’s biggest current project is the restoration of the one-room Studabaker Schoolhouse on Heritage Rd. (St. Rt. 49 S). The structure was the first brick schoolhouse in Darke County, built in 1840. Since then, it has been used for various events and groups.

The DAR has already embarked on a project to restore it to its original look. Wood shake shingles have been renovated on the exterior along with repairing the window/shutters, and interior renovations will begin in 2022.

Burkett said belonging to the group gives her a sense of pride and belonging with other local women united in a common purpose. “I like knowing my family lineage and that we were part of the American experience. We want to carry it forth to further generations. And the idea is you don’t forget those who have fought. It’s quite an honor and privilege to belong to this group knowing that what they did allowed us to be here and be as we are,” she said.

“We appreciate all that [Mercer Savings Bank] intends to help us do. It really is amazing,” Burkett said. “The Giving Mission fund will be used to continue the work of the DAR in the local area.”

Daughters of the American Revolution is a non-profit organization that is open to women who have direct lineage from a person who contributed to the independence of the United States – whether a veteran, civil servant, doctor, minister, or anyone else who aided this cause.

Even if you don’t qualify for DAR membership, you can still support the group in other ways by attending their events or making a donation. Donations can be made to any member of the group or by email, fortgville@gmail.com

Greenville Branch Office Manager Timothy Burns.
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