Greenville Lady Wave varsity volleyball team, coaches, Mr. Stanley Hughes and Mr. Doug Fries join the team in honoring Libby McKinney and Susie Blocher.

McKinney and Blocher break Greenville volleyball records

Libby McKinney and Susie Blocher honored for record breaking Lady Wave volleyball play

GREENVILLE – The Tuesday night Lady Wave home volleyball match with West Carrollton was halted after set No. 2 to honor two Lady Wave seniors; Libby McKinney and Susie Blocher for setting new Green Wave season and career records.

McKinney a four-year starter for the Lady Wave Volleyball program recently shattered two GHS volleyball records; the career assist record and the career Ace record.

“It is a lot of work that Coaches Jim and Shellie (Hardesty) have put into me and it’s really awesome that I get to do this,” said McKinney. “It’s a lot to be a student athlete but it’s definitely worth it.”

McKinney’s advice to young athletes: “work hard in school – that pays off on the court…and listen to your coaches.”

“This is Libby’s fourth year starting on varsity,” said Greenville head coach Michelle Hardesty. “Her freshman year she may have had only 90 serves all season and she just kept working hard at her serves. She has the career record and that’s going to be tough to beat – we’re halfway through the season and we expect a lot more of those Aces coming through for her going forward.”

“Libby has the career assist record as well,” continued Hardesty. “She broke that against Stebbins a couple weeks ago on the road. She is currently at 1,824 – the record was 1,749 previously so she has more than shattered that record. She is a great leader on the court and off the court.”

Blocher a 2021 high school softball All-American established a new Ace serving record passing the old record of eight with nine Aces in a match played earlier against the Newton Lady Indians.

“It means that I am more than just a softball player,” Blocher said of what the record means to her. “I try to do the best at everything I do. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of time, a lot of patience. Definitely   you’re going to miss some, you’re going to make some but you just have to stay focused.”

“Getting nine serves is not the easiest thing to do and Susie has just been on fire at the serve line for us all season and not just with that but she plays with grit and some heart,” said Michelle Hardesty. “She is a pretty intense player and we certainly appreciate what she is doing for us this year.”

“Two outstanding young ladies in Libby and Susie,” said Greenville City Schools Superintendent Doug Fries. “We appreciate their hard work both as athletes and as students in the classroom. They are excellent examples for the athletic program but they are also excellent examples for the school district and just great athletes that work really hard.”

“Three Greenville records broken,” said Greenville High School Principal Stanley Hughes. “Libby breaking the career Aces and the assists and Susie the single game Ace – how awesome is that. These are great kids on the court and off the court, leaders in the school, academic leaders, sports leaders in multiple sports so super proud of those kids and super proud of our volleyball team.”

“Libby has just been something special since day one,” said assistant coach, Jim Hardesty. “That is why she has started since a freshman.”

“Susie has done a great job serving all year and she’s really been our all-around go-to person,” Hardesty continued. “We changed our lineup a little bit. She sets for us now while Libby hits. We need that to make us a little bit more of a competitive team and it has really worked out well.”

“It’s an amazing feat for our kids to go out and break some records that have stood here for a long time,” said Greenville Athletic Director, Aaron Shaffer. “It just goes to show you hard work and dedication do payoff. Those kids work hard for it and with coaching and good teammates and a lot of hard work good things can happen – and when you’re breaking records it’s a neat thing.”

Both McKinney and Blocher are multiple sport athletes performing as outstanding students in the classroom.

“Playing multiple sports helps them become well rounded all-around athletes – you’re not just singularly good at one thing,” said Shaffer. “You become this full athlete with multiple skills and my experience has been those kids have a lot of success in all the sports they play, not just volleyball. With Susie it carries over into softball, with Libby it carries over into the basketball season so those skills they learn in those sports help them here in volleyball and their volleyball skills help them develop in their other sports. We certainly encourage our kids to get involved in more than one sport.”

“It’s no secret to be good a good athlete their accomplishments in the classroom far outweigh all the things they do on the athletic side,” Shaffer added. “They work hard work not only on the court and in the classroom but they are people that volunteer and give back to the communities whether it be in school or out in the public – they’re just well-rounded kids that we are certainly proud of here at Greenville City Schools.”

Susie Blocher is introduced to Greenville home volleyball fans.
Lady Wave teammates hold Libby McKinney record breaking banner.
Greenville's Libby McKinney is introduced to the Lady Wave volleyball team fans.
Susie Blocher gets a hug from Lady Wave head volleyball coach, Michelle Hardesty.
The 2021 Lady Wave varsity volleyball team.
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