Marriage Licenses in Darke County – September and October 2021

Marriage Licenses for September and October 2021 in Darke County, Ohio

  • Susan Elizabeth Winner, 69, Minster, retired, and Melvin Francis Schieltz, 70, Versailles, retired.
  • Cortney Nicole Moody, 25, Rossburg, mental health counselor, and Chad Michael Bulcher, 25, Rossburg, Crown group leader.
  • Jacob Jennings Gunckle, 20, Greenville, Hofacker Precision Machine, and Starr Antonia Stinson, 19, Lynn, Ind., Synergy Homecare.
  • Cierra Dakota Longenecker, 21, Greenville, HR coordinator, and Conner Edward Lewis, 23, Greenville IT.
  • Tessa C. Quick, 23, Union City, Ind., sales, and Justin J. Fritts, 28, Union City, Ind., Pizza King.
  • Makayla JoAnne Freeman, 26, Greenville, nursing assistant, and Jonathan Jeffery Unger, 26, Greenville, Department of Transport.
  • Sarah Grace Lawson, 33, Arcanum, skin grafting processing, and Clayton Daniel Jensen, 35, Arcanum.
  • Adam Christopher Martin, 28, Greenville, network technician, and Chelsea Renee Dalton, 30, Greenville, bartender.
  • Rebecca Kay Thornhill, 21, Ansonia, chiropractic assistant, and Austin Matthew Fitzgerald, 21, Ansonia, general factory laborer.
  • Clete Allen Beanblossom, 40, Union City, Ohio, logger, and Sharah Jean Holdeman, 28, Union City, Ohio, stay-at-home mother.
  • Allison Berneice Wine, 28, Winchester, Ind., teacher, and Brandon Paul Rehmert, 28, Winchester, factory worker.
  • Tara Leigh Akers, 42, Arcanum, warehouse, and Michael O’Neal Flowers, 39, Arcanum, laborer.
  • Matthew Brian Townsend, 33, Greenville, supervisor, factory, and Krista Kay Bunch, 30, Greenville, babysitter.
  • Taylor Shea Henninger, 26, Ansonia, factory, and Jeremiah Benjiman Flatter, 27, Ansonia, factory.
  • Joseph Indiana Lawson, 27, Greenville, retail, and Rebecca Mae Braun, 25, Greenville, factory worker.
  • Tiffany Michelle Westfall, 22, Greenville, evidence custodian, and Nicholas Alan Wheeler, 24, Greenville, storm water technician.
  • Daniel Benham Baron, 30, Mason, Ohio, realtor, and Jena Noelle Powell, 27, Arcanum, business owner.
  • Ashley Christine Morris, 35, Hendersonville, Tenn., assistant director of IT, and Kyle Stefan Lee, 34, Hendersonville, pest control salesman.
  • Richard A. Moberly, 66, New Madison, retired, and Dorrene Kay Huddleston, 63, New Madison, retired.
  • Evan Leon Leichty Jr., 64, Greenville, retired, and Darcie J. Baxter, 60, Fowlerton, Ind., RN.
  • Faith Joy Beisner, 27, Greenville, vet tech, and Dakota Conner Edger, Greenville, 26, HVAC tech.
  • Darcie Janelle Garner, 37, Greenville, cook, and James David Beam, 51, Ansonia, welder.
  • Catherine Louise Christian, 54, Versailles, food truck owner, and Mark Anderson Plessinger, 48, Versailles, food truck owner.
  • Raymond Dustin Warren, 27, Pitsburg, production operator, and Destiny Erin Deaton, 26, Pitsburg.
  • Bryce Adam Filbrun, 21, Arcanum, credit analyst, and Danielle Ausencia McVey, Arcanum, 21, marketing specialist.
  • Paula Cardenas, 30, Ansonia, LPN, and Anthony Lee Rains, 32, Ansonia, self-employed.
  • Madison N. Grisez, 18, Greenville, crew member, and Kaleb M. Bingham, l9, Greenville, Kings Command Foods.
  • Cole A. Brewer, 24, Greenville, farmer/excavating, and Taylor A. Dohme, 22, Arcanum, dental hygienist.
  • Zachary Lynn Evans, 38 Greenville, Whirlpool, and Bobbie Derick Hester, 39, Greenville, Whirlpool.
  • Kaelyn Whitney Marker, 24, Greenville, front desk receptionist, and Jordan Wellen, 29, Greenville, consultant/sales.
  • Jeffrey Scott Johnston, 38, Greenville, imports and exports and Kaylee Brooke Hartrum, 29, Greenville, teacher.
  • Mark Allen Wysong, 23, Arcanum, firefighter/AEMT, and Trinity LeeAnn Hemmerich, 24, Arcanum, veterinarian assistant.
  • Mikayla Elaine Stump, 22, Greenville, warehouse associate, and Elijah Paul Livingston, 21 Greenville, facilities maintenance.
  • Renae Alane Kiser, 24, Greenville, phlebotomist, and Stephen Tyler Holdeman, 28, Greenville, chef.
  • Austin William Gibboney, 23, Greenville, sheet metal worker, and Carlee Marie Marshall, 23, Greenville, nanny.
  • Tiffany Sue Knight, 40, Bluffton, Ind., factory worker, and Christopher Earl Waters, 38, Greenville, manufacturing.
  • Angela Ann Perin, 55, Greenville, yard jockey, and Kenneth Allen Rinderle, 56, Greenville, self-employed.
  • Morgan Taylor Wick, 24, Arcanum, child care worker, and Brandon Phillip Robison, 30, Arcanum, warehouse.
  • Spencer Christian Thornburg, 23, Greenville, lube tech, and Waunetta Mae Thompson 22, Greenville, child care worker.
  • Bryon Scott Downey, 37, Rossburg, JAFE Decorating Inc., and Abbie Marie Ressler, 30, Rossburg, Fairy God Mother LLC.
  • Madison N. Grisez, l8, Greenville, crew member, and Kaleb M. Bingham, 19, Greenville, Kings Command Foods.
  • Olivia Ann Monnin, 26, Versailles, human resources general, and Nicolas Lawrence Francis, 26, Versailles, engineer.
  • Lauryn Kelly Goehrich, 22, Greenville, medical assistant, and Chad Logan Wilson, 23, Greenville, electrician.
  • Kristian Rose Garwood, 30, Union City, Ind., administrative coordinator, and Brandon Gregory Leonard, 28, Union City, Ind., operator.
  • Larry W. Davis, 70, Greenville, truck driver, and Rhonda J. Painter, 67, Greenville, retired.
  • Nicole Elizabeth Wion, 28, Greenville, registered nurse, and Levi Allen Stump, 25, Greenville, heavy equipment operator.
  • Ashley Marie Akers, 30, Union City, Ohio, registered nurse, and Jeffrey Scott Kaffenberger, 34, Union City, Ohio, ODOT highway worker.
  • Regan Ashley Williams, 20, Richmond, Ind., stay-at-home mom, and Dakota Michael White, 20, Richmond, construction worker.
  • Jacob Thomas Abbott, 24, Springdale, Ark., field technician, and Allison Nicole Nicodemus, 22, Greenville, sales associate.
  • Stanley B. Grillot, 47, Greenville, and Kathryn Bess Lovejoy, 49, Greenville, customer service.
  • Stephanie Ann Barnes 37, Greenville, billing/dispatch, and Ramon Agustin Quintor, 39, Greenville, production operations.
  • Justus Dewayne Bourn, 21, Greenville, construction, and Abigail Renae Tinsman, 20, Greenville.
  • Amanda Elizabeth Lydia Duncan, 33, Greenville, self-employed, and Shad Allen Duncan, 50, Greenville, truck driver.
  • Joshua David Long, 33, Greenville, GM, and Andrea Kaye Bonfiglio, 31, Greenville, retail sales manager.
  • April Rose Ragon, 40, Union City, Ohio, and Brent Andrew Nickell, 29, Union City, Ohio.
  • Raymond Gentry Vodden, 46, Greenville, collections/exhibits, and Heather Renee Hall, 46, Greenville, nurse/disabled.
  • Marla J. Burton, 49, Greenville, LPN, and Don Lewis Stanley, 57, Greenville, disabled.
  • Ty Mathew Meyer, 25, Ansonia, police officer, and Shaina Monique Schlomann, 25, Ansonia, line assembly.
  • Justine Nicole Beard, 25, Osgood, optician, and Gage Douglas Homan, 27, Osgood, press man.
  • Montgomery Wilson Adams, 25, New Madison, cook, and Elizan beth Brooke Willis, 25, New Madison, server.
  • Kayla Machelle Garwood, 30, Arcanum, medical tech, and Dalton Lloyd Bruner, 30, Arcanum, self-employed.
  • Tara Rena Lambert, 41, Greenville, production, and Richard Oville Lambert, 44, Greenville, welder.
  • Kirstie Danielle Hunt, 30, Arcanum, registered nurse, and Dustin Alex Ulrich, 29, Arcanum, registered nurse.
  • Nathanael Sean Riley, 22, Greenville, carpenter, and Megan Leigh Kirchner, 19, New Madison.
  • Stephanie Alaine Perry, 31, Arcanum, factory, and Peter Joseph Messina, 38, Arcanum, landscaping.
  • Cole Christopher Harshbarger, 25, Bradford, concrete finisher, and Marilyn Royce Thompson 24, Bradford, dental assistant.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to Darke County Now for publication.

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