Marriage Licenses in Darke County – November 2021

Marriage Licenses for November 2021 in Darke County, Ohio

  • Derek Leigh Stark, 39, Greenville, and Jenette Marie Stark, 39, Greenville.
  • Raechel Ann Cook, 28, Greenville, and Dudley Austin Dylan, 29, Greenville.
  • Elizabeth Anne Wilcox, 26, Greenville, and Brett Thomas Middlestetter, 25,  Greenville.
  • James Allen Dunlevy, 60, Bradford, and Victoria Ann Schreiber, 60, Bradford.
  • Katlyn Elizabeth Hubbard, 27, Greenville, and Joshua Jeffery Dohme, 39, Greenville.
  • Caleb Ethan Michael, 20, Greenville, and Bethany Marie Tocholke 23, Greenville.
  • Jennifer Sue Holmes, 31, Arcanum, and John Paul Osborne, 39, Arcanum.
  • Lindsey Sueanne Rapier, 24, Union City, Ohio, and Carl Andrew Husted, 28, Union City Ohio.
  • Faith Jordyn Trobridge, 32, Union City, Ohio, and Jason Edward Ted Walters, 31, Union City, Ohio.
  • Jonathan Ray Sando, 38, Arcanum and Tonya Renea Marker, 37, Arcanum.
  • Geraldine Mary Schlater, 58, Greenville, and David Matthew Anderson, 61, Greenville.
  • Dana Kim Brubaker, Fairview, Ore., and Bernie Carl Buckle, 58, Fairview Ore.
  • Philip Marc Stewart, 58, Greenville, and Jacqueline Jeanette Shuff, 56, Greenville.
  • Carlan Marlowe Rader, 30, Pitsburg, and Aubree Noel Myers, 27, Pitsburg.
  • Lindsay Megan Jewett, 34, New Madison, and Nate Andrew Beam, 42, New Madison.
  • Brandon Kyle Morales, 27, Greenville, and Tamara Rechelle Taylor, 36, Greenville.
  • Alexis Taylor Fliehman, 23, Greenville, and Mitchell Lawrence Subler, 24, Greenville.

This information was provided by the Darke County Probate Court and submitted to Darke County Now for publication.

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