Marriage Licenses in Darke County – June 2021

Marriage Licenses from June 2021 in Darke County, Ohio

  • Joseph Leon Martino, 24, Greenville, paint tech, and Amanda Katherine Baker, 29, Greenville, homemaker
  • Seth Bryant Garber, 22, Bradford, plumber, and Macy Kate Austin 28 Greenville, self-employed
  • Derek Allan Rinderle, 31, Greenville, production staff, and Crystal Ann King, 34, Richmond, Ind., home
  • Bradley Allan Garber, 23, Bradford, construction, and Emily Jo Otte, 22, Maria Stein, graphic designer
  • Steven Lee Donthnier, 55, Greenville, press operator, and Mary L. Bevins, 59, Greenville, fashion advisor
  • Tyler John Trick, 26, Greenville, teacher, and Emily Elizabeth Hayes, 25, Greenville, speech-language pathologist
  • Samuel Dee Suman 65, Findlay, retired, and Pamela Joyce Poston, 67, Greenville, Village Green
  • Damon Anthony Poeppelman, 34, Ansonia butcher, and Kelsy Renee Young, 21, Ansonia, farmer
  • Noah John Burns, 22, New Madison, labor, and Kara Anne Hollinger, 21, New Madison, waitress
  • Christopher Michael Snow, 29, Greenville, manager, and Shannon Marie Greene, 27, Greenville, manager
  • Lee A. Jackson, 82, Arcanum, retired farmer, and Carolyn L. Robinson, 77, Troy, retired treasurer
  • Bryant B. Price, 32, Greenville, factory worker, and Laura Marie Moore, 34, Greenville, medical clerk
  • David E. Jones, 46, Greenville, shipping, and Bridget M. Adams, 49, Greenville, customer service
  • Jerry E. Bunch, 49, Greenville, self-employed, and Kimberly Jo Davis, 46, business analysis
  • Brandon J. Snyder, 40, Greenville, factory, and Jodi Michele Gilpin, 44, Greenville, caseworker
  • Corbin James Holzapfel, 21, Greenville, bridge laborer, and Annie Elizabeth Hostetler, 20, Arcanum, daycare teacher
  • Dylan Tyler Lee Buchanan, 22, Greenville, sanitation tech, and Renee Lynn Netzley, Greenville, 22, teacher
  • Jocelynn M. Hicks, 26, Greenville, manager, and Alexander Patrick Ryle, 24, Greenville, welder
  • John K. Flory III, 40, Greenville, telecommunications, and Alena J. Wickham, Greenville, 38, paramedic/firefighter
  • Kristopher J. Stutz, 34, Arcanum, cabinetry, and Jaime Lee Kincaid, 33, Arcanum, stay-at-home mom
  • Roger L. Anthony, 59, Bradford, SR tech, and Jennifer M. Robertson, 58, Bradford, secretary
  • Dylan Joseph Bugher, 29, Greenville, security, and Ashley Lynn Watson, 24, Greenville, security
  • Noah Zachary Gates, 22, Greenville, sales, and Madison Elizabeth Treadway, 23, Greenville, banking
  • Kyle Ernest Poeppelman, 29, Fort Loramie, farmer, and Emily Marie Ruhenkamp, 24, North Star, teacher
  • Rodney Ryan Jett II, 30, Greenville, retail, and Kesha Nicole Abernathy, 38, Greenville, retail
  • Timothy Victor Barga, 43, Rossburg, diesel mechanic, and Dana L. LaFuze, 33, Rossburg, service technician
  • Chelsi Renee Edger 21, New Madison, Realtor, and Thomas Edward Bell, 26, New Madison, farmer
  • Landan Joseph Receveur, 23, Greenville, Ind., medical technologist, and Rachel Ann Subler, 23, Indianapolis, Ind., speech pathologist
  • Christopher Stephen Campbell, 25, Arcanum, electrician, and Taylor Nicole Thacker, 21, Arcanum, factory
  • Jackson Shawn Robert Plush, 21, Port Orange, Fla., military, and Breeanna Morgan, 20, New Madison, student
  • Ephraim Fred Angle, 20, Englewood, construction, and Autaum Kristien Moore, 21, Greenville, bank teller
  • Seth J. Zehringer, 39, Greenville, group leader, and Christie N. Miller, 35, Greenville, assembly
  • Alex Jonathan Kroeker, 25, Bradford, operations, and Adria Mae Roberts, 22, Bradford, teacher

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