Greenville's Xavier Maitlen signs with Bluffton University men's soccer program. (L-R) Maitlen and Amy Maitlen (mother). (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Maitlen signs with Bluffton University Soccer

Greenville's Xavier Maitlen signs with Bluffton University men's soccer program

GREENVILLE – Xavier Maitlen, a four year Greenville Senior High School soccer player signed to continue his education while playing soccer the Bluffton University Beavers men’s soccer program.

“This is something I have wanted since I was a little kid,” said Maitlen. “Soccer has always been such a passion for me. I played a lot of sports when I was younger to kind of figure out what I want but nothing ever kept my interest like this sport did and I am just super excited that I finally like made it to this point and I’m hoping to take it as far as I can.”

“This signing of Xavier is a testament to his dedication to the soccer program here at Greenville over the last several years and his effort of hard work on and off the field and in the classroom is what led him here to this signing today,” said Greenville boy’s soccer coach, Marshall Combs. “It’s a really good thing for our program and a great thing for him and his family. I am proud of him and I’m proud I got to coach him.”

“It’s awesome to have Xavier committed to go play soccer a Bluffton,” Greenville Athletic Director, Aaron Shaffer stated. “A great opportunity for him to represent Greenville and Greenville athletics but more importantly for him to have an opportunity to go out and get an education and start off into a career.”

Maitlen, the son of Amy Mailten plans to major in Psychology with a minor in Sociology was an excellent leader on and off the field serving as team Captain of the Green Wave boys soccer team.

“Xavier wore his captain band proud and he was a great captain and leader for the team,” said Coach Combs. “He was good at giving commands on the field and off the field and really led this team to some good things this season. He was definitely a good leader and a good captain.”

“He’s a four year letter winner – he’s been playing varsity for four years,” Shaffer noted. “It’s going to be a little awkward to look out there at boys soccer and Xavier is not around.”

The Greenville senior’s on-field play and coachability will go a long way in his hopes of making an impact beginning with his first year at Bluffton.

“I want to work really hard this summer to get in as good of shape as possible,” he said. “I’m hoping to be a starter my freshman year – that would be amazing. I’ve been a striker the majority of ma career so I am hoping to be able to hold on to that position at Bluffton.”

“His attention to detail, willingness to learn and be coachable throughout practice and during games is what also led him here today,” said Coach Combs. “He is a very coachable kid, very good kid, good personality and a really good heart – and I appreciate him.”

With support of family and friends, Maitlen had many thanks to hand out.

“I want to thank all of my coaches up until this point – Coach Marshall Combs, Dave Ernst and Mark Coppess,” said Maitlen. “Without them I would not have been half of what I am now and I would really like to thank my mom for – she has always supported me and pushed me to do my best. She got me to all of my practices and came out to all of my games. Thank to all of the people who have come out to support me at games – it means so much.”

“Thanks especially to my teammates,” Maitlen concluded. “There are so many of these guys that I have played up through high school with, that I have been playing with since seven or eight years old so it is really great to make it to this point along-side them.”

Xavier Maitlen signs to play soccer at Bluffton University. (L-R) Maitlen and Greenville boys soccer coach, Marshall Combs. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
GHS senior Xavier Maitlen signs with Bluffton. (front L-R) Dave Ernst (GHS girls soccer coach), Maitlen, Marshall Combs (GHS boys soccer coach), (back L-R) Jeff Martin (Asst. GHS AD), Aaron Shaffer (GHS AD). (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Xavier Maitlen with teammates at Bluffton University men's soccer signing. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Xavier Maitlen and family. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Xavier Maitlen and Amy Maitlen (mother) at the Greenville senior's Bluffton University signing. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
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