Local Greenville Ohio kids help shovel the snow away from fire hydrants to help local firefighters

Local siblings help shovel out hydrants

GREENVILLE– Following the recent snowstorm, the children of Julie Singer came up with an idea.

“Emily is 4 and she loves fire trucks, firefighters and all things related,” Julie said. “I told them that I saw a couple posts online asking people to shovel out a fire hydrant if they had one on their property and were able too do so. Emily asked if we could do that and, since we don’t have one near us, we decided to shovel out the one near their grandparents’ house after we finished helping them with their driveway.”

Joining Emily, a pre-schooler at Anthony Wayne, in this endeavor were her brothers, Kyle, 10, Trevor, 9, and Levi, 7.

“As we were driving to my parents house, we saw a few hydrants that were blocked and Trevor asked if we could do more than one,” Julie recalled. “We talked about how important it was and I told him it was an awesome idea. All of them were on board.”

They shoveled seven hydrants on Friday, and three on Saturday.

“They started at the corner of Washington and Martz, which is the closest hydrant to their aunt and uncle and their grandparents on my side,” said Julie. “Then we just drove around down Washington a little bit and down Wayne and cleared out the ones that we noticed were blocked.”

The proud mother said the one that made them feel the most accomplished was the one on the corner of Gray and Cypress.

“The snow plows had plowed snow up so high around that you could barely see the tip of it,” Julie said.

“We noticed it on Friday but they were cold and tired so they asked if we could do that one Saturday. As we were cleaning it out on Saturday, they were getting a little discouraged because it was hard. I told them that we could give up if they wanted because it was mostly accessible. A lady that lives nearby pulled her car around and told them that she appreciated what they were doing and that her dad was a firefighter for a long time and was retired now. She said that she knew her dad as well as the other firefighters appreciated their efforts. After she pulled away I asked the kids if they still wanted to give up, and they said, ‘No! We can’t give up now because we need to do this since that firefighter can’t’.”

According to her their second favorite hydrant they did was the one across from the hospital on Sweitzer Street.

“They chose that one because they felt it was important that the firefighters have quick access since there would be many people impacted if a fire broke out,” she shared.

As noted before, Emily is a pre-schooler at Anthony Wayne. Kyle is a fourth-grader and plays football; and Trevor is a third-grader and Levi is a second-grader and they both play football, baseball and wrestle.

How would Mom rate their work those two days last week?  

“They did very well,” she said. “I am not sure how long it took. I would say we drove around for about an hour on Friday and about an hour on Saturday. The one on Cypress took the longest because it was really buried. They are generally very good kids. They enjoy helping other people. I am very proud of them. They do bicker and argue just like all siblings do, but, when they pull together to do something, it usually turns out awesome. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders most of the time.”

She said if her children had it their way they would be outside in the snow all of the time.

“They like to go sledding, build forts and snowmen, and have snowball fights, said Julie, who  will mark her 20th year of employment at Whirlpool in March.

She, too, helped them out in this journey, not only driving them to each hydrant but getting out and shoveling with them.

“Some of them I did not actually shovel with them,” she said. “I just stood there for support and made sure they were not in the road. One kid started close to the hydrant shoveling toward the street, and another one started on the street side toward the hydrant. And then the other two stayed beside the hydrant shoveling around it in a circle. On the busy roads I did the street side.”
Julie asked each of her children how they felt after they shoveled?

Kyle replied, “I felt good knowing that I helped other people stay safe if there was a fire”

Trevor remarked, “It made me feel good.”

Levi stated, “It made me feel happy to do something nice for other people.”

Emily said, “I liked helping the firefighters.”

“I was not surprised by all of this,” Julie concluded, “Oftentimes, if I hear of something we can do to help others I suggest it to them and they almost always go for it. Friday, after we got done with the hydrants and helping my parents a little bit, we went sledding. Saturday morning.

They helped the neighbors and then did hydrants. Sunday, their grandparents needed some more help clearing parking spaces and then their great-grandma needed the end of her driveway cleared from where the plows had pushed snow up in front of it. After they finished that we went sledding.”

Yes, Emily is the one who got this project underway.

“Emily has loved fire trucks since she was about 2,” Julie said. “On her fourth birthday, which was in August, she chose Mickey Mouse and firefighters as her theme. We hung out in front of the fire station watching them test a truck and one of them noticed and invited them to check out one of the trucks.”

The Snyders live in a mobile home park in Greenville, and the children’s father, Nathan Cave, lives on Armstrong.


Here, the Snyder children clear snow out around a fire hydrant across from Wayne HealthCare. (Courtesy photo)


Emily Snyder, shown with one of her brothers, had the idea of shoveling around fire hydrants because of her love of firefighters. (Courtesy photo)


Here is what one of the fire hydrants looked after the Snyder siblings shoveled snow away from it. (Courtesy photo)

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