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Local Businesses Invest In Mississinawa Valley Students

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From Tammy Drew, Business Teacher
Mississinawa Valley Schools
10480 Staudt Road
Union City, OH 45390


Some local businesses generously donated money and became sponsors of Mississinawa Valley’s Finance Foundations’ curriculum. These local businesses are WhiteStone Computers of Union City and Tribute Funeral Homes, Littman-Thomas Agency, and Jim Gable with State Farm in Greenville. As a result of these donations, MV students are able to receive financial instruction from the popular Dave Ramsey curriculum.

The curriculum teaches students important and practical finance topics such as: how to maintain a checking account, budgeting, saving, investing, the role of insurance at various stages of life, and much more. Students are taught to start an emergency fund, stay out of debt, and live on less than they make along with other practical concepts that are proven to work.

To invest in our youth may be one of the most important investments that can be made. These local businesses that donated money and became sponsors for this curriculum should be commended for stepping up to invest in the education of Mississinawa Valley high school students.

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