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Life’s Reflections: Skating days are over let springtime begin

I don’t mean to rush time, but I can’t wait until the warm temperatures come back again.

Warm temperatures would even make me want to get out and walk, which I should be doing anyway health-wise. Hopefully, those same feelings are still with me when it does get milder outside.

I’m so glad the ice is at least gone.

I don’t want to sound like such a big baby about it, but I value my only means of transportation, my car, not to mention my hips, my legs, my wrists, my arms, my head/brain and anything else that could fracture because of the ice.

I apologize for being greedy that way, but life’s too short to ruin it with some ice in the driveways, power lines and on the sidewalks, the roads and streets.

I would rather take baby steps in the stuff and look awkward doing it, than to fall and hurt myself or anybody else for that matter.

I used to skate, not on ice, but at the Versailles roller rink on roller skates  and did fairly well. I even played soccer for a couple of years with good friends from the local rink.

However, I would be scared to death to lace up a pair of skates now and head out on the rink floor. But, it wouldn’t get that far because I’m smart enough to foresee a terrible spill happening, involving me.

Not even a helmet or a walker would entice me into getting back out on a rink floor on a pair of skates.

I don’t want to think it’s old age, but I’ve come to the conclusion it is. I am not as brave as I once was.

I love the music that goes with roller skating, but all I need to do now is turn music on at home, and dance around the house at my own speed in my own privacy and snack bar if I so choose.
Nostalgia sets in just thinking about it.

I used to provide some of the music that was played at the rink, thanks to my collection of 45s featuring skater-friendly music at the time.

Isn’t it funny how ice makes a person think back about such things, but I had plenty of time to think about it since I stayed indoors to avoid it. Am I the only one who gets affected by the thought of falling and needing help from responders called to the scene for heavy lifting? How embarrassing that would be.

Besides, I can’t understand why anybody would enjoy ice skating….with one blade? No way. And what about a skateboard? No way. I am not that coordinated. But, I don’t have anything against those who do enjoy getting around that way. In fact, some of it is fun to watch.

I am so glad I work from home most of the time now, but I do remember when I had to go out to an assignment with inclement weather in the forecast.

I feel sorry that I feel that way, but the alternative (a broken bone or worse) will never change my opinion on that.

I often wake up with a different pain every day and, to do something daring as skating or even walking on ice or in a rink, why would I want to worsen it? I wouldn’t.

That’s the way I roll; not a pretty picture.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families of Dwight Emmons, Ron Bucholtz, Elizabeth Irene Brewer, Dr. Jerome Leahey, Linda Henry, Christa Adkins, Gary Hahn, John Waggoner, Joanne Fisher, Andy Arnett, Todd Thwaits, Robert E. Fellers, Jerry Onkst and Janet Roll Heft.
Please pray for these people: Randy Heck, Danny Foster, Helen L. Teeter, Sharon Miller, Mary Bryant Arnett, Becky Oliver, Ronnie Young, Jayden Martin, Jeff Rider, Ralph Byrd, Stefani Priest, Steve Neff, Michelle Leugers Enicks, Roxanne Barnes, Joann Freeman, Cathy Collins Peters, Donna Bixler, Vanna Hannam, Debbie Labig, Kevin Wampler, Brenda Wallace, Linda Subler, Michelle Young, Roger McEowen, Jerri Barber, Sally Burnett Ganger, Rick Alexander, Jeff Zumbrun, Gary Cain, Shelley Brinley, Stacy Cline, Ron Mills, Cheryl Gilmore, June Moody, Larry Vititoe, D’Arleen Waymire, Joe Arnett, Tony Liette, Jennifer Peck, Matt Hiestand, Kathy Swabb, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, D’Arleen Waymire, Judy Hoffman and daughter Shelly, Albert Duncan, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses, including Covid and other variants associated with the Pandemic.
Happy birthday to:
Feb. 22 to Jack Lovejoy, Lyn Bliss, Jay Schricker and Janice Osterloh.
Feb. 23 to Jerome Dotson, Barb Teaford and JoEllen Melling.
Feb. 24 to Ed “Bear” Huff, Jenny Dawn Riffell, Jessica Applegate Riffle, Stefanie Gasper Zumbrum, Harold Rismiller, Connor Stachler, Doug Wombolt, Terry Holden and Clair Monnin.
Feb. 25 to Amber Godwin, Ronda Magato, Michelle Magoteaux Dickey, Linda Wappelhorst, Glenna Broomhall and Roselynne Widener.
Feb. 26 to Joey Schmitmeyer, Amy Addis, Judge Julie Monnin, Hope Snyder Brodrick, Dane Ganger, Russ Reichard Jr., Bill Collins, Amy Fulk, Angie Stewart, Dr. Brad Burns and Tim Becker.
Feb. 27 to Diane Weeks, Nancy Eardly, Nick Hahn, Brenda Bierly Reichard and Sherry Hittle Baker.
Feb. 28 to Judy Byers, Joby Hollinger, Bill Brown, Daniel Shaner and Mike Honeyman.
(Feb. 29 to Susie A. Thompson, Liz Esarey, Jeff Cole, Craig Ganger, Janice Edsall Combs and Rick Hittle.)
Happy anniversary to: Gary and Judy Middleton on Feb. 22 and belated anniversary to Paul and Ginger Brubaker, celebrating 60 years on Feb. 18.

Think about it: “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they grow separately without growing apart.”

–Unknown Author
There are lots of people of all ages who enjoy ice skating and spending time out in the cold with loved ones. (Courtesy photo)
There are lots of people of all ages who enjoy ice skating and spending time out in the cold with loved ones. (Courtesy photo)
Only Darke County Now General Manager Michael Blackwell would enjoy spending his recent birthday on the ice and even went kayaking. He looks like he is having fun. (Courtesy photo)
Only Darke County Now General Manager Michael Blackwell would enjoy spending his recent birthday on the ice and even went kayaking. He looks like he is having fun. (Michael Blackwell photo)
Blackwell made the most of the January 2022 Winter Storm and even convinced a friend to join him. (Courtesy photo)
Imagine stopping at a red light, looking to your left, and seeing this truck. What would you think about the people inside of it? (Michael Blackwell photo)
The February 2022 Winter Storm Brought Ice In All Forms - I avoided it, others enjoyed it. (Courtesy photo)
The February 2022 Winter Storm Brought Ice In All Forms (Michael Blackwell photo)
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