Lifes Reflections 'Serpent Mound' author Son-in-law of locals
Frank Rocco Satullo, owner of the The Ohio Traveler and author, is the son-in-law of Mara Cox of Greenville.

Life’s Reflections: ‘Serpent Mound’ author Son-in-law of locals

As promised in the feature that appeared on Darke County Now this past Thursday, I am introducing the writer of an online article which also featured the family, which spurred my interest.

The story concerned the Jekabsons family who escaped Latvia 77 years ago and made their way to the United States and subsequently Darke County.

Frank Rocco Satullo, owner of the The OhioTraveler and the son-in-law of Mara Cox of Greenville, who is also a member of the Jekabsons family, penned the writings he titled “Serpent Mound: Code For Freedom; How a Vintage Ohio Postcard Became A Symbol of Freedom.”

Satullo has known the Jekabsons family since he started dating Mara and Dr. David Cox’s daughter, Becky, in college. They were married after graduation in the spring of 1994 and now have two grown children, Cara and Dominic.

Originally from Avon Lake near Cleveland, he said they live in the Middletown area.

“I started (and own) 20 years ago this May,” he said. “It  provides a monthly online magazine edition (free to subscribe), and an Ohio tourism guide. The site is broken into sections such as events and festivals per month, museums, historical sites and museums, interesting restaurants and lodging, tours and trails, art museums, and others. The site also has regional pages providing everything on the site in each region such as southwest Ohio. There are also blogs using Facebook, Instagram, etc. And videos on YouTube.”

Why did he start the company?

“I was looking for free things or inexpensive things to do with my kids when they were young,” he responded. “This led to publishing a book offering those things throughout Ohio. The site was originally used to promote the book and offer updates. Then, because of its popularity, I grew it to offer free and paid things to do in the state. It became my full-time business 18 years ago.”

He is a self-proclaimed solopreneur.

“As they say, no job too big or small,” he stated. “That said, other family members help from time to time when I go on filming assignments or with marketing ideas, etc. Mara created our Tour Guide to Fun mascot (the concept was mine but she physically created the doll we call our Tour Guide to Fun.”

He said he loves hiking the Hocking Hills State Park, the Lake Erie Islands, and small towns like Greenville throughout the state. “ mostly features the places between the big cities although big city stuff is also on the site,” he said.

The link to his writings on the local family is:

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families of Debra Augustine, Charlie Broering, John Labig, Norma Gard, Nancy Kirgan, Julia Branham, Michael D. Young, Diana Lynn Thobe and Ruth Kremer.
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Think about it: “Though one might feel foolish when asking a question, the fool is instead the one who acts without knowing the answer to the questions he feared to ask.”– Author Unknown

Serpent Mound Historical Site in Peebles, Ohio
This photograph taken at Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio, (Courtesy photo)
Author Frank Rocco Satullo and Owner of The Ohio Traveler
Author Frank Rocco Satullo
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Linda Moody / Staff Writer

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