Connie Stachler was surprised when friends threw her a birthday party at the Vets Club in Versailles recently. She will mark her 7-th birthday on Christmas Day. (Linda Moody photo)

Life’s Reflections: How are Christmas birthdays celebrated?

Life's Reflections Weekly Column by Linda Moody

I was going to save this column for next Monday, Dec. 27, because it would have been our mother’s (Beatrice Riffell Moody’s) 94th birthday. However, she left us Sept. 25, 2019.

Her thoughts about being born so close to Christmas were apparently not appealing to her, so I asked my younger sister, Brenda, if she remembers Mom talking about that.

She said it was hard for Mom to differentiate if the gift she was receiving was a birthday gift or Christmas gift even though she was born two days after the holiday.

“But, she wasn’t selfish about it,” Brenda added.

I didn’t think she was, either….far from it. That’s the way she was.

I got to thinking about it more, and I was wondering if those who were born on Christmas Day had quandaries about it. So, I went to social media since I only had a small list of Dec. 25 celebrants.

I got quite a few more names to add to that list.

Connie Eastridge Stachler, who celebrated an early birthday with friends at the Vets club in Versailles recently, turns 70 on Christmas Day.

“My bother, Danny, asked for a baby sister for Christmas, so he got me at 11:35 Christmas Day night,” said Stachler, who has been known to help out in Mrs. Claus apparel at some functions. “I was always treated special. My birthday presents were wrapped in birthday paper and we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and my birthday on Christmas Day.I had two birthday parties with my friends when I was little and they were half birthdays because no one could ever come on my birthday. On my 21st birthday, Luke, my husband now, had me my first party with friends. I have truly been blessed.”

Jackson Ray Emmins was born Christmas morning in 2012, to Tressa (Prasuhn) and Will Emmins.

“Jackson said celebrating his birthday with Christmas is fun,” Tressa said. “Jackson has never shown any displeasure in us celebrating his birthday on Christmas Day. We have always told him that he is the only one in the family who we can always celebrate on his actual birthday every year. We do our Christmas celebration in the morning with our immediate family, lunch with extended family, then in the evening we celebrate Jackson’s birthday. And, birthday presents are in birthday paper, never the Christmas and they don’t come from under the tree.”

Carol Schuh had this to say, “I was due Jan. 19, my sister Jeannine’s birthday, but was born on Dec. 25. I was either going to be Holly, Noel or Carol. My father, Leroy, named me Carol and Lee my middle name after him. Growing up with a Christmas birthday was just that; I always had gifts and a cake. My growing up in Norwood, right outside of Cincinnati, my father used to take me to see the live Nativity at Lytle Park. The park still exists but the Nativity does not. We would take the bus and we would stop at Busken Bakery to pick out my cake. As far as gifts, I didn’t get as many for just my birthday but I was happy.”

Courtney Blackford remarked, “What I remember most about my Christmas birthday was the schedule we always kept. We’d celebrate at my Aunt Rita and Uncle Steve’s. There would be a Christmas tablecloth on until noon, then she would change it to a birthday tablecloth and that was when I knew I could open my birthday gifts. My mom, Jayna Roberts, was always adamant about wrapping paper. If it was wrapped in Christmas paper, I opened it in the morning. If it was in birthday paper, it was opened in the afternoon. Even though my birthday is on Christmas, I was always surrounded with people. My mom worked at Frech’s and The Now and Then. There was an old man named Hyrum who shared my birthday. We’d invite him up for cake. Mike and Jenny Burkett owned the Now and Then and they let us come there and open presents they had for me. It was always important to my mom to make sure my birthday was celebrated even though it’s on Christmas. Her birthday is Dec. 26, so she knows how easily a birthday can be over looked that time of year. Now that I’m an adult, my kids are very good at reminding me that it’s my birthday and I’m another year older, and they love knowing that there will be cake and ice cream in the afternoon.”

Sheri Black replied, “Hey, that’s awesome that you’re doing this. And, yeah, it wasn’t super fun for me, I had three other sisters and was always envious of them having their own day to celebrate. But I did enjoy being able to see all of our family on that day. I loved saying my birthday was Jesus’s birthday, but when the day came, I was always a little bummed. Now, being an adult with children of my own, my kids think it’s the coolest thing ever that their mom’s birthday is on Christmas. My mother also told me I was the first baby born on Christmas that year…at 3:39 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1991.”

Betsy Nisonger indicated that it was her fourth son Ian’s birthday as well.

“We celebrated on Christmas day with presents and cake and ice cream at 3 p.m.,” Betsy recalled. “He will be 32 years. He just got married in October 2021 in Hawaii.”

Kathy Peterson Jeffers-Quinn commented, “To be perfectly honest, I have never particularly enjoyed having my birthday on Christmas Day. My mother used to say things such as ‘The best Christmas present we ever got’ which was sweet, but did not change the fact that Dec. 25 is first and foremost Christmas Day… and secondly my birthday. Everyone else has their own special day, but I am definitely upstaged by my birthday buddy! I have never had a birthday party with friends ON my birthday like everyone else. My family does the best they can to make my birthday feel separate and special. We open Christmas gifts in the morning, and then celebrate my birthday after the noon meal. My mother always made our family’s traditional birthday cake, an Angel Food cake, and they sang happy birthday to me around the table. When as a child my mother consoled me about not having my ‘own day’ to celebrate just me, she always said, ‘Kathy, the family will always be together on your birthday.’ That has held mostly true, but I lost both of my parents this year, Dad in May and Mother in August, so this is my first Christmas birthday in which all of my family will not be here. I do have one pet peeve when it comes to having a Christmas birthday. I really do not like those cheesy combination Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas cards. Come on… you spring for two cards for everyone else! Haha. Overall, I cannot complain about having a Christmas birthday. I am happy to keep having them for as long as I can!”

Other ones whose names were brought up when I asked the questions were: One of Union City’s famous musicians musician Chris Hawkey; as well as Holly Bankson Finnarn; Cheri Antrobus-Davis; Donna Cruze’s 47-year-old nephew, Michael Cruze, 47; Sue Brandenburg; Kayton Riffell; Nancy Grieshop; Maddy Martinez, who will be 5; Delbert Braund Jr.; Larry Stover; Michael Kerrigan’s granddaughter Isabella Isabella Rose Vanderhorst of Anna, Ohio, who will turn 3; Louis Kremer; Elliot George; Meredith Smith’s husband, Clyde; Bob Claudy, Don Isaacs, Sean Hoblit; and Adrianna Starr Nixon of Ansonia who will be 11.

Additional responses to my poll came from the following relatives of the deceased: Janice Klosterman Mills’ father Lester Klosterman; Susan Yagle’s uncle, Sam Yagle; Paul Klingshirn’s grandfather, Emil Klingshirn, born Dec. 25, 1910; and Joy Thompson’s grandmother, Ethel Dohme; and Carolyn Clack Ganger’s said grandmother, Ruth Boone.

Rick Elliott, son of the late George and Barbara Elliott, said his parents were married on that day.

Thanks everyone for your participation.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families of: Joe Bailey, Dick O’Brien, Evelyn Brosher, Raymond Edward Pfledderer, Carolyn Dickey, Earl Garland, Alvera Mertz, Lora (Riffell) Rhodehamel, John W. Anderson, Janet Miller Hough,
Please pray for these people: Joann Freeman, Cathy Peters, Max Subler, Debbie Labig, Jeff Stewart, Kevin Wampler, Michelle Young, Jerri Barber, Terri Dienes, Sally Burnett Ganger, Rick Alexander, Al Bliss, Jeff Zumbrun, Gary Cain, Shelley Brinley, Stacy Cline, Ron Mills, Cheryl Gilmore, June Moody, Larry Vititoe, D’Arleen Waymire, Joe Arnett, Tony Liette, Jennifer Peck, Matt Hiestand, Kathy Swabb, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, D’Arleen Waymire, Judy Hoffman and daughter Shelly, Albert Duncan, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses, including Covid and other variants associated with the Pandemic.
Happy birthday to:
Dec. 20 to Mark Henderson, Kathy Middleton Dapore, Rick Alexander, Jeff Campbell, twins Ava and Emma Erwin and Heidi linebaugh.
Dec. 21 to Karen Baker and Dr. Carlos Menendez.
Dec. 22 to Logan Moody, Sonnie Hartrum, David Schlechty and Rosemary Nelson.
Dec. 23 to Ed Kress, Vic Yagle, Garth Knick, Olivia Daugherty, Kyle Wentworth, Nellie Reier and Bub Johnston.
Dec. 24 to Charlie Prasuhn, Jamie Husted, Lance Hartram, Rick Macias and Cindy Hayes-Burk.
Dec. 25 to Connie Eastridge Stachler (70), Carol Schuh, Cheri Antrobus Davis, Chris Hawkey, Jackson Emmins, Holly Bankson Finnarn, Louie Kremer, Michael Cruze, Elliot George, Courtney Blackford, Nancy Grieshop, Maddy Martinez, Delbert Braund Jr. Larry Stover, Sue Brandenburg, Ian Nisonger, Kathy Peterson Quinn, Sheri Black, Kayton Riffell, Bob Claudy, Don Isaacs and Sean Hoblit.
Dec. 26 to Kelly Fliehman, Karen Hecht, Mackenzie Stucke, Matt Duncan, Terry Curtis, Mark Hierholzer, Molly Walls and Kelly McDowell.

Think about it: “Christmas now surrounds us, Happiness is everywhere. Our hands are busy with many tasks as carols fill the air.” Shirley Sallay.”

Connie Stachler was surprised when friends threw her a birthday party at the Vets Club in Versailles recently. She will mark her 7-th birthday on Christmas Day. (Linda Moody photo)

Connie Stachler was surprised when friends threw her a birthday party at the Vets Club in Versailles recently. She will mark her 7-th birthday on Christmas Day. (Linda Moody photo)

Jackson Emmins

Jackson Emmins

Kathy Peterson Jeffers-Quinn

Kathy Peterson Jeffers-Quinn

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