Amanda Mote is secretary of the Fine Arts Department and she exhibited some of her works, but they were not judged. Here is a drawing she took in honor of a 17th anniversary her father is celebrating. (Linda Moody photo)

Life’s Reflections: Fine Arts reception, my first fair function

GREENVILLE—As I write this, I have yet to attend the official 2022 Great Darke County Fair. However, I attended the reception at the Fine Arts building on Wednesday evening.

And, I had a great time. I was warmly welcomed by those in charge who include sisters Amanda Mote and Gina Ferguson.

Because I am having some pain with my lower back, leg aches and such, they told me beforehand I could park up close to the building so I wouldn’t have to walk so far and that was great. They even had seats for me and others to sit on while waiting for the awards to be announced inside the building a couple of hours later.

I’ve never covered results like this for a county fair event in my journalism career until 2022. But, I liked it. That way, the awards can be with the winners’ entries as soon as the fair week starts. I don’t know for sure if that is the reason, but it works for me.

The only awards that were presented that night were three rosettes; one for Best of Show in Fine Arts; another one for Best of Show in photography; and the Darke County Pride Award.

Guests were entertained music-wise by two local students, Mackenzie Baker and Mollie McLear. They also had the opportunity to look at the entries for this year and enjoy food and refreshments.

The pre-fair event was well attended in my opinion and I got to see some people I knew.

I am not going to shun the fair this year because of my aches and pains, because I’m no quitter or at least don’t want to be one. But I am going to do my best to take it easy and get the job done without any problem. I had similar issues last year and survived, and I pray I can do that again this year. In the meantime, I am going to keep taking care of my health and do all I can to take away or control the pain with lotions, ointments, vitamins, Tylenol, pain-relieving patches, etc., before and after I step on to the grounds.

I did get me a new pair of shoes for the occasion so I should be good to go.

I just don’t want to embarrass myself if I should happen to fall. Hopefully that’s not the case because there are lots of people who come to the Great Darke County Fair, and with my luck, most of them will witness it.

Yes, I feel bad that my coverage at the fair won’t be as it was in the past since I’m “hurting” and semi-retired. I truly am a fan of the festival and hope everyone enjoys it like I do.

I’m just happy to say that my co-workers at Darke County Now are doing a phenomenal job with photos and keeping our readers abreast of what’s going on at the county fair. My assignments will be today, tomorrow and Thursday morning. See you there!

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Matt Hiestand, Denver Harter, Velma Kolb, Constance Winner and Angela Sanders.
Please pray for these people: Randy Heck, Joan Keen, Bob Drees, Harvey Hinshaw, Larry P. Fitzwater, Jim Thomas, Neal Gray, Michael Mowery, Debbie Mayse, Kenny Edwards, Judie Hathaway, Ralph Byrd, Norma Byrd, Della Burch, Ned and Brenda Wallace, Connie Buemi Hodson, Jim Kammer, Jim Marker, Randy Garrison, Steve Waymire, Warren Menchhofer, Kenton Turner, Gary Knick, Karen Hecht, Barbara Alexander, Randy Garrison, Jannie Barrow, Kathy Gragorace, Danny Foster, Dave Niley, Noella Combs, Clay Sheffer, Becky Everhart, Sharon Miller, Marie Rieman, Mary Bryant Arnett, Becky Oliver, Ronnie Young, Albert Duncan, Jayden Martin, Jeff Rider, Stefani Priest, Steve Neff, James Enicks, Joann Freeman, Cathy Collins Peters, Donna Bixler, Vanna Hannam, Brenda Wallace, Linda Subler, Michelle Young, Roger McEowen, Jerri Barber, Sally Burnett Ganger, Rick Alexander, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, Denver Harter, Judy Hoffman and daughter Shelly, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses.
Happy birthday:
Aug. 23 to Brenda Reitz, Steve Faller, Connie Kunk and Todd Dohme.
Aug. 24 to Lisa sink, Amanda Rodeheffer-Olson,Sheila Lenker, Derek Hall, Sharon Hollinger, Jeff Bubeck, Stoney Dynes, Nick Buckingham, Josh Partin, Becky Harshman and Larry Melling.
Aug. 25 to Mike Stump, Nancy Bryant, Chrissy McCary, Shane Hall, Zach Androne, Jason Stover, Mandy Barga Mangen, Mark Maloy, Patsy Clark and Kamran Stucky.
Aug. 26 to Sonny Custer, Becky Snyder, Darrell Leeper, Shirley Mowery, Ronnie Broering and Ian Brown.
Aug. 27 to Debbie Cunningham Barga, Elsie Brown, Denyse Brumbaugh, Doug Klinsing, Isabella Bowman, Karen Mote, Connie Ungericht Marker and Richard Stump.
Aug. 28 to Sue House, PaulEtte Hartzell, Kyle Wuebker, Rick Biirt, John Peters, twins T.A. and Roger, Anthony Heinrick Post and Myron Stammen.
Aug. 29 to Connie Smith, Vel Vasquez Pecha, Bob Hiestand Jr., and Chris Puckett.
Happy anniversary to: Tedd and Jana Liette on Aug. 25; and Scott and Kim ward and Harry and Rosemarie Ellison, all on Aug. 26.

Think about it: “Yesterday is experience; tomorrow is hope; and today is getting from one to the other.” Author Unknown

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Linda Moody / Staff Writer

I am a Darke County native living in the Ansonia area with my son. I have been in journalism 50+ years and enjoy what I do.

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