Life's Reflections: Feature articles are fun

Life’s Reflections: Feature articles are fun

So far, I have been pretty fortunate in getting people to agree to some articles that I want to get out there for others to see.

I don’t mean to sound like it’s all for me; it isn’t. I am proud of Darke County and its people, events and places and want to spread that news through conversations with those who have that information.

I love writing about people and their successes even though we sometimes have to go through their misfortunes as well.

I can understand if people don’t want their “business” out there, but, in many cases, I think what they’ve gone through can bring awareness to what could happen to others.

It’s sometimes difficult to interview those who are ill but it’s so much easier to tell their story when they are doing their part in letting others know what they’re going through.

That’s just my opinion, however. It’s easy for me to say, I know.

I hope to keep on writing about life in Darke County for as long as I can.

My choice in story ideas takes me to a wide variety of people. I am usually the aggressor when I hear a bit of news that I would like to write about and feature on Darke County Now. However, I do get story ideas from others as well and that’s great too.

Every person has a story in him/her and, if I could, I would write about everyone I know and who’s important in my life as well as to Darke County.

Within the last month, I have done features on Rustic Hope in nearby Russia, Ohio; on Mara Cox and her family who escaped Latvia many years ago to come to America, on a young Ansonia man who is headed for the Boston Marathon later this month and the 20th anniversary of another young Ansonia man’s heart transplant, not to mention other prospective stories I am waiting anxiously to write.

We have some pretty important people among us who deserve recognition.

I enjoy writing and may not be the best, but I try.

I always wanted to write a book but time is waning as I’m getting older and don’t think it will ever happen. I wish I would have the time to do that but it is not going to happen. I can dream, can’t I?

Besides, I don’t know what I’d write about unless it was something about what life was like back in the day, but then I’d probably forget something and have to start all over again.

What brought this on was when Connie McEldowney, director and founder of Rustic Hope, gave me one of the books that she authored recently. It is titled “Who The Hell I’m Not.”

I couldn’t put the book down. I love to read about miracles and faith anyway and her book was full of both. She did a wonderful job on it and I probably couldn’t do anything of that measure if I tried.

I commend her for all she does with her organization, her family, her service to the community and now her writings. She truly must be special, because she has made things happen.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families of Richard D. Miller, Shirley Derr, Roger Hurley, Brent Coursey, Walter Kiser and Jim Moneysmith.
Please pray for these people: Randy Heck, Danny Foster, Art Price, Jannie Barrow,Dave Niley, Chuck Edwards, Michael Young, Noella Combs, Clay Sheffer, Helen L. Teeter, Sharon Miller, Marie Rieman, Mary Bryant Arnett, Becky Oliver, Ronnie Young, Jayden Martin, Jeff Rider, Ralph Byrd, Stefani Priest, Steve Neff, Michelle Leugers Enicks, Roxanne Barnes, Joann Freeman, Cathy Collins Peters, Donna Bixler, Vanna Hannam, Debbie Labig, Kevin Wampler, Brenda Wallace, Linda Subler, Michelle Young, Roger McEowen, Jerri Barber, Sally Burnett Ganger, Rick Alexander, Jeff Zumbrun, Gary Cain, Stacy Cline, Ron Mills, Cheryl Gilmore, June Moody, Larry Vititoe, D’Arleen Waymire, Joe Arnett, Tony Liette, Jennifer Peck, Matt Hiestand, Kathy Swabb, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, Judy Hoffman and daughter Shelly, Albert Duncan, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses.
Happy birthday:
April 5 to Matt Jordan, Matt Harrison, Roberta Coby, Linda Magoto, Tony Gates, Sharon Gilland, Kim Passon Fisher and Robin Magoteaux.
April 6 to Carol Price, Ruth Hall Richards, Brent Fourman, Rita Ehlers, Tom Doseck and Robin Hilderbrand Cook.
April 7 to Angie Rose Drees, Alyssa Batten, Tracy Moody Cessna, John Kell, Deanna Schlarman and Wendy Buckley.
April 8 to Ted Robison and Rick Mayo.
April 9 to Justin Brumbaugh Karen Boze Johnston, Marc Saluk, Jeff Mayo,  Dave Bonar and Alysha Oda.
April 10 to Gail Moody, Apolonio Perez, Barbara Gasper, Diane Mestemaker Siefring and Ava Kammer.
April 11 to Dan Turner, Beth Davis, Greg Zechar, Preston Deeter and Amber Kramer Barbour.
Happy anniversary to: Jim and Evelyn Shuttleworth on April 5; Lisa and Randy Heck (20 years) on April 6 and Jeff and Jackie Sanders on April 8.

Think about it: “It is difficult to say who does you the  most mischief: Enemies with the worst intentions or friends with the best intentions..”– Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Here is the book that I couldn't get enough of in the last week or so and almost got me interested in fulfilling my dream of writing a book myself. But, I thought about it, and am nixing that idea for now anyway. (Linda Moody photo)

Here is the book that I couldn’t get enough of in the last week or so and almost got me interested in fulfilling my dream of writing a book myself. But, I thought about it, and am nixing that idea for now anyway. (Linda Moody photo)

Darke County Now Staff - Linda Moody - Staff Writer

Linda Moody / Staff Writer

I am a Darke County native living in the Ansonia area with my son. I have been in journalism 50+ years and enjoy what I do.

Contact Darke County Now Media Correspondent Linda Moody @ or 937-337-1955.

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