Earl Baltes Highway Sign - Yes, this is the sign I passed about three miles ahead when I got stopped for speeding in July 2020.
The Earl Baltes Highway Sign: Yes, this is the sign I passed about three miles ahead when I got stopped for speeding in July 2020.

Life’s Reflections: A Speed Demon I Am Not

Life's Reflections: Linda Moody's Weekly Column

A year ago, I began using the cruise control on my vehicle regularly, but when I don’t use it, which is very seldom, I try to check my speedometer constantly.

The thought of doing this came to me after I was stopped for reportedly speeding on a rural route I travel quite often in July 2020.

I can’t believe I was traveling as fast as he said, but I had so much to do that day and my mind was probably focusing on how I was going to get to it all. Besides, I was checking out the sky while traveling northbound and, in one of the clouds, I saw what looked like a dark dragon, but I was hesitant to tell my law enforcement “buddy” for fear he would check me out with a breathalyzer. Maybe he should have and then he would know I wasn’t imbibing.

I received from him a ticket, of which there have been few in my lifetime, but I paid my fine and now I am cruise-controlling just to be safe.

Looking back, it was little humorous and a lot ironic to know that I was actually driving on the Earl Baltes Highway when the stop occurred. Aren’t you supposed to speed on that roadway? Just kidding. I didn’t do it on purpose.

So, if now I’m using my cruise control traveling 55 mph, why are other vehicles passing me like I’m standing still? Then, of course, there are no law enforcement vehicles around when those things occur.

I admit sometimes my mind wanders while I’m driving and, yes, maybe I do speed up a little but it’s not intentional or outrageous.

One other time, I was stopped coming back from a wedding in Richmond, Ind., when those red and blue lights were flashing in my rear-view mirror. I was told that I was following the vehicle in front of me too close. What actually happened is that driver in front of me kept speeding up and slowing down. I wanted to pass but I wasn’t that familiar with that particular road at nighttime so I didn’t.

I was informed I was supposed to be three car lengths behind the vehicle ahead while driving in Indiana.

I didn’t know.

But, he just warned me and asked to see my driver’s license so he could check it out in his cruiser. But he wasn’t gone long. Apparently, I handed him my charge card, which was in close proximity in my wallet, instead…but it was dark inside my car and an honest mistake on my part.

I’m just lucky the patrolman didn’t accuse me of bribing him. Honestly, I know that didn’t look good. Embarrassed, I put both cards back in my wallet, and Jamie and I headed home in a slow-like fashion. I just asked my son if he remembered that night and how he felt about the situation and he also said embarrassed, just because we were stopped, not for my screw-up with the cards.

Yes, I do dumb things, but I’m only human, not malicious.

The only thing I fear now is if something should happen to go wrong with my cruise control and it can’t be fixed. Knock on wood.

Jesus take the wheel!

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families in the loss of: Doug Leeper, Michelle Cohee, Rick Hunt, Ken Flory Leo Rinderle and Gregg Gilbert.
Please pray for these people: Ron Mills, Matt Hiestand, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, D’Arleen Waymire, June Moody, Albert Duncan, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses, including Covid and other variants associated with the Pandemic.
Happy birthday to:
Oct 4 to: Linda Hawkey, Lucinda Ledbetter, Laura Jones, Alyson Waymire, Jill Riegle Gelhaus, Daniel Fitzgerald and Amy Grogean.
Oct 5 to: Tim Bang, Josh Spradling, Kaylyn Bailey, Mike Rammel, Larry Reed, Curt Garrison and Tony Schultz.
Oct 6 to Dean Butts and Jennifer Earick.
Oct 7 to: Susie Francis, Steve Hildebrand, Connie Yohey Shiverdecker, Steve Miller, Tracy Tryon and Randy Mestemaker.
Oct 8 to: Breanna Norton Bucholtz, Tammy Stock, Cathy Conner Cox, Karen Creamer Stubbs, Tony Liette, Dennis O’Dell, Kayla O’Dell, Tyeis Baker-Baumann, Kristen McCans Fee and Marla Moore.
Oct 9 to: Linda Smith Wood, Henry Reichert, Zach Ward, Gayle Rismiller, Austin Ward and Kim Peters.
Oct 10 to: Mike Hopkins, Doyel Daniels, David Michael Bowers, Greg Cox, Kelly Koverman, Ashley Strosnider, Eric Brand, Chris Widener and Barbara Swabb.
Happy anniversary to: Ivan and Patricia Steinke and Jay and Deidre Stammen, all on Oct. 4; and Greg and Leanna Whittington and Roger and Jerri Oliver all on Oct. 8.
Think about it: “Kind words can be short and sassy to speak, but their echoes are endless.” – Author Unknown
Earl Baltes Highway Sign - Yes, this is the sign I passed about three miles ahead when I got stopped for speeding in July 2020.
The Earl Baltes Highway Sign: Yes, this is the sign I passed about three miles ahead when I got stopped for speeding in July 2020.
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