Here are a few of the pictures that grace the shelves of our home. Jamie as a baby, Jamie at graduation and Jamie and I in a mother-son photo shoot.

Life’s Reflections: A Son And His Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Everybody should know it by now, but guess what! The man of this house will turn 46 on Tuesday.

Yes, Jamie David Moody was born Oct. 19, 1975, at Wayne Hospital. It was a Sunday morning at 10:15. Why couldn’t I have waited four more minutes, so that it would match his birth date, 10-19, so I could easily remember both in the future?

He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 20 inches long. And, he was so precious, and still is.

I had a due date of Oct. 3 and, wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t come until 16 days later and then he had to be taken as I underwent a C-section because of complications in his positioning.

I worked up until the Friday before, Oct. 17, and that’s when I had a doctor’s appointment as well. Dr. Park was going to admit me to the hospital on Saturday so that they could induce labor. They did and, after a while, something went awry and they stopped the labor process until the next morning when more pains began. Surgery was planned after X-rays or whatever were checked.

I am kind of glad I had the surgery because I didn’t really like the labor pain, and thought it would be much better, but it wasn’t really. However, it’s over and done, and I won the prize.

Mom was by my side up until I went into the operating room and, boy, was I glad she was there.

Mom and Dad even let us stay with them until I recuperated from the surgery. I couldn’t lift much or do too much activity, so they had to change diapers….up until the night Dad had the bright idea of waking me up and helping with that chore. If I remember correctly, Jamie, not Dad, had pooped and I was gagging while changing the diaper.

Oh well, I had to learn sometime. Might as well have been then. Life really began when we got back into our own residence a couple of miles away.

There were good days and bad days but not because of the baby. It’s because I probably didn’t always know what I was doing. Imagine that. He didn’t come with a manual and I wasn’t used to babies or talking to them but I learned.

I had a lot of help along the way as well since I was working full-time and sometimes at different hours of the day, depending on the assignment.

But, we persevered, despite some health issues both of us experienced. And, by God’s grace, we faced them the best we could because that’s all we can do. Our lives are in His hands.

Every year, Jamie seems to want a party for his birthday, and six years ago on Jamie’s 40th, we made it happen. It was held at the American Legion in Ansonia and I estimate 120 people showed up. It was amazing.

Jamie knows I write something in my column this time of year about him, so he recently handed me a sheet of paper and wanted me to include his thoughts.

I am accommodating him, as one of his birthday gifts from me, because he is a caring young man and is very thoughtful when it comes to his friends.

First of all, he mentioned those who are no longer with us who attended his graduation party in 1994 held in the garage of my brother and sister-in-law, Ron and Nancy. They are my parents, Lee and Bea Moody; Nancy Moody, her parents, Jack and Shirley Miller, her sister Sue Miller and her aunt and uncle, Ray and Betty Myers, as well as Dan and Becky Moody, Bob Hunt, J.C. Waymire, Harry Moody, Karen and Jim Husted, Jennifer and Terri Cummins and his cousin and my nephew, Tom Brumbaugh Jr. Plus he wanted to name those who are no longer with us who graduated with him or at one time or another attended classes with him. They are Stephanie Billenstein York, Chrissy Moody Nelson, John Jenkins Jr., Adam Archey, Alan Lindamood, Chris Rogers and J.T. Paris.

Just wait, I am not done. I told Jamie if he wrote about graduation he ought to write something about those who are not with us from  his birthday party on his 40th, so he came up with these names: Pastor Don Brode, Kenny Dunevant, Sharon Rismiller Fourman, Jim Moody, Gerald Burns and Nancy Moody.

In conclusion, he wrote: “May God bless each and every one of these people. Always tell people while they’re still around how much you love them.”

I hope neither he nor I missed anybody because it’s almost ancient history and neither of us actually remember everybody that was at each memorable event he has had.

Happy birthday, son!

Starting soon, the Darke County marriage licenses will be found in court news on the Darke County Now website. I started from June this year, since it’s the month of weddings until the present time.
Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families in the loss of: Dale Clark, Lisa Rines, Carol Gower Fasnacht, Joyce Baker Carlin, David Fritz, Dale Hawkey, Ralph Threewits, Howard Rehmert, Patty Ann Royer and John “Vern” Neargarder.

Please pray for these people: Ron Mills, Matt Hiestand, Gloria Hodge, Jeff Baltes, Cory Meadows, D’Arleen Waymire, June Moody, Albert Duncan, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses, including Covid and other variants associated with the Pandemic.

Happy birthday to:
Oct. 18 to: Dwight “Bufford” Edwards, Bobby Joe Jones, Lindsey Preston, Heather Brown Suerdieck, Susan Pyle and Dawn Zumbrink Muhlenkamp.
Oct. 19 to: Jamie Moody, Diane Shook Armstrong, JoAnn Keen, Dee Morris, Laura Gibboney, Ben Jones Jr., Dustin Jenkins, Marjorie Hammaker, Tina Rismiller Schmitz, Jerry Batten Sr. Jared Batten, Ron Rismiller, Dr. Aamir Malik, Tracy Bashore, Marv Stammen, Judy Hoffman, Kassy Wentworth, Debra Rammel and Terri Frazee.
Oct. 20: to Chelsea Gates, Stacy Mortensen, Amber Mangen, Dean Hurd, Rita Hupman McCans and Michelle Leugers Enicks.
Oct. 21 to: Trudy Matthew, Doug Amspaugh, Emily Sturgill, Randy Christian, Sherry Mueller, Pam Phillippi, David Brewer of Palestine, Barbara Heindl, Beverly McCabe Baker, Tim Tyo and Rachel Rismiller Wellman.
Oct. 22 to: Romie Kremer, Eddie Cline, Amanda Gibboney, Devon Daniels, Bonnie Alexander, Madison Young, Rose Stegall and Tina Kiser Deaton.
Oct. 23 to: Heidi George and .
Oct. 24 to:  Gary Francis, John Swallow, Renee McCleskey, Marty Davis and Breena Hall.
Happy anniversary to: Linda and Dick Yount and Rick and Lynne Gump (25 years), all on Oct. 19; Bob and Sarah Daugherty on Oct. 20;  Ed and Vicki Ruhe on Oct. 21; Gene and Cheryl Clouse, Doug and Darla Cothran, Drew and Roxanne Meadows and Mike and Rose Stegall, all on Oct. 22; Dan and Tara George on Oct. 23; and Sheila ad Dan Lenker on Oct. 24.

Think about it: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Author Unknown

One of the many people who came to Jamie's 40th birthday party six years ago was Darla Bowman Miller. Jamie was in his element.
One of the many people who came to Jamie's 40th birthday party six years ago was Darla Bowman Miller. Jamie was in his element.
Here are a few of the pictures that grace the shelves of our home. Jamie as a baby, Jamie at graduation and Jamie and I in a mother-son photo shoot.
Here are a few of the pictures that grace the shelves of our home. Jamie as a baby, Jamie at graduation and Jamie and I in a mother-son photo shoot.
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