Darke County Sheriff Debate Question Submission
Shown left to right are the candidates for the Republican party for the Primary Election for Darke County Sheriff, Mark Ater and Mark Whittaker.

League Candidates’ Debate Questions Requested by April 24

With the Primary Election scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, The League of Women Voters of Darke County is again sponsoring a Candidates Debate as a public service. The forum will only be for the contested Republican Primary race for Darke County Sheriff. The event will be filmed for broadcast with no audience and will only feature the two Republican candidates for Darke County Sheriff.  There are no Democratic candidates for this office so the Primary outcome determines the future holder of the office.  Both candidates have agreed to participate.

After two-minute introductory speeches, candidates will answer questions screened by a panel of League members and presented to the candidates by a moderator. The League will moderate and time the event. 

Your questions for the candidates may be submitted to DarkeLWV@gmail.com.  DarkeCountyNow.com has a form available, on their website of the same name, for submission of questions to the candidates. You can find that form by clicking here. The forms are restricted to receipt at DarkeLWV@gmail.com, so that advanced access to questions will not be available, except for screeners from the League.  Questions should be appropriate and factual in content and may contain no slanderous remarks. Based on time constraints, not all questions may be asked. No questions will be shared with any candidates in advance of the event. 

Questions must be received by April 24.

The League has contracted with DarkeCountyNow.com to film the event. The video will not be edited and will be available in its entirety, after April 26, at the DarkeCountyNow.com website.  Any use of the debate footage requires the express written approval of the League of Women Voters of Darke County At Large Unit and this debate will only be shown without any additions or deletions.  This footage may not be used as a part of any campaign material or advertisement.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization with the major purpose being to inform voters about the candidates and issues.  Further information about the Candidates Debate may be obtained by contacting Holly Finnarn or Eileen Litchfield, at Darkelwv@gmail.com, Voter Service Co-Chairs.


Mark Ater Darke County Sheriff Debate of 2022
Mark Ater
Mark Whittaker Darke County Sheriff Debate of 2022
Mark Whittaker

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