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Okay sports fans, let’s put on those thinking caps and get ready for some good old fashioned trivia on what’s been a rainy weekend here in God’s Country aka Darke County!! 

But first, how about Cameron Smith’s almost surreal back nine at St. Andrews Golf Course Sunday to take home the title of Champion Golfer of the Year, the winner of the British Open!  The Aussie recorded an unbelievable 30 on holes ten through eighteen to snatch victory from stunned fan favorite Rory McIlroy and Cameron Young. Making every putt possible, and some impossible, Smith won the final major of the golfing season, becoming the fourth 20-something to claim a championship this year. Smith joins Masters winner Scottie Scheffler, PGA titleist Justin Thomas, and US Open victor Matt Fitzpatrick as part of the youth movement that has taken hold of the public’s imagination.  

You have to feel sorry for McIlroy who hasn’t won a major in eight years despite playing well in many tournaments over the years including a Top Ten finish in all four majors this year. Also, Tiger Woods, despite a game effort, seems to be at the point where age, surgeries, injuries, and stiff competition are proving to be too much for even him to overcome. 

Get out those pencils and some paper, grab your cell phones and maybe laptop or I-Pad and get ready for some trivia! Give yourself one point for each correct answer and let’s see just how knowledgeable you are when it comes to in-season sports. 

—Over 1300 players have participated in major league games already this season, a new record. Match these All-Stars picked to play in Tuesday’s Mid-Summer Classic at Dodger Stadium with their position and team. Luis Arraez, Kyle Tucker, Alex Manoah, David Bednar, Joe Mantiply, and CJ Cron. OF Astros, P D’Backs, 1B Twins, 1B Rockies, P Blue Jays, and P Pirates. 

—Name the Darke County schools whose primary colors are orange and black. 

—In how many consecutive games did Joe DiMaggio of the Yankees get a hit to set a MLB record and what team stopped the streak? 

—A huge statistic lately in baseball has been the OPS. What is it? 

—The WNBA is in the final third of the season. Match these franchises with their nicknames. Minnesota, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Indiana, and Washington. The Lynx, the Mystics, the Wings, the Fever, the Dream, and the Mercury. 

Before your brain turns to mush, let’s see the answers; remember one point for each correct answer. 

Arraez, 1B Twins; Tucker, OF Astros; Manoah, P Blue Jays; Bednar, P Pirates, Mantiply, P D’Backs; and Cron, 1B Rockies. 

Ansonia, Arcanum, Bradford, and Versailles. 

Joltin’ Joe hit in 56 straight games in 1941 before being stopped by Cleveland.


On base percentage Plus Slugging percentage = OPS Anything over .800 puts a player in the upper echelon of hitters. Babe Ruth is the all-time career leader with an OPS of 1.1636, THE BABE!! 

How about the Minnesota Lynx, the Dallas Wings, the Phoenix Mercury, the Atlanta Dream, the Indiana Fever, and the Washington Mystics. 

How did you do? 16-18, you know your stuff!! 13-15, not bad! 8-12, need to get up to speed to play with the pros! Under 8, need to watch more SportsCenter!! 

Finally, we spent all of last week at beautiful Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana with our families boating, golfing, and just having a great time. Only 2 1/2 hours away from Greenville and located between Goshen and Warsaw, Wawasee is a true hidden gem, a best kept secret from many Darke Countians. Check it out sometime!! 

One last trivia question—the long-time popular rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd performed at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering Sunday evening. How did the band acquire its name? 

Several band members had a hard-nosed phys ed teacher at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, FL. In the late ‘60s said instructor sent guitarist Gary Rossington to the principal’s office because of long hair. The teacher’s name? Leonard Skinner!! Not sure he appreciated the gesture but the boys in the band made it big!! Let’s all rock on this week!! 


Dr. Alex Warner | Correspondent for Darke County Now

Dr. Alex Warner / Correspondent

Alex Warner is a retired Greenville chiropractor as well as a former educator and high school coach. He has over 30 years experience in broadcasting high school sports on both radio and public access television in addition to producing over 50 episodes of the local television series “Our Town”. A man of many interests, he is naturally curious with a “gift of gab”. He currently writes the weekly sports column “Shots in the Darke” and hosts “Talk of the Town” featuring people, places, and events that make Darke County the place we choose to reside.

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