Big Daddy Weave encourages crowd at 2022 Illumination. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Illumination more than just a concert

Everybody enjoyed it especially the worship part with Big Daddy Weave; Marty McCabe

GREENVILLE – The Great Darke County Fair Grounds was home to the 15th annual Illumination Festival.

“We do this to let people know there is hope, that people care and that God cares,” said event organizer, Marty McCabe.

The 2022 event opened on the midway with games and activities with the Coffee house opening at 1 p.m. with Greenville’s He Knows our Name, Middletown’s Live Past Life and B-List Boys of Lima.

Big Daddy Weave, Riley Clemons, Mac Powell and Attaboy kept the large crowd involved as the main stage events.

The event is the brain child of local businessman, Marty McCabe the founder along with his wife Connie.

“It was God’s idea but he put it in my mind,” said McCabe. “The neat thing is, we used to do small events. We had a little coffee house in Fort Jefferson and we were doing smaller concerts.”

“We had 363 one time at Memorial Hall and it dawned on me then to have a bigger venue because we wanted to bring in even bigger bands and more bands and with that was the thought, why don’t we have our own Christian Music Festival in Darke County,” McCabe added. “To me the perfect place was the Darke County Fair Grounds.”

Marty continues to serve as president of the organization, Daryl Riffle is the original vice president and continues to fill that role, Connie McCabe Secretary and Annie Middlestetter, treasurer.

“Everybody enjoyed it especially the worship part with Big Daddy Weave and how he had the prayer at the end where he came down front for prayer,” McCabe shared. “That is something he wanted to do and that is something I think we will probably do every time now because I saw how that went – that was really great. There were a lot of people that went down front for prayer and to me that was really special.”

McCabe noted it takes many helpers to make Illumination an enjoyable and successful Darke County event each year.

“Too many people,” McCabe stated. “Just think of the sponsors, the volunteers and the board and that would cover everyone.”

Mac Powell sings a message of hope at Illumination. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Riley Clemons takes the stage at 2022 Illumination. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Attaboy meets fans following its turn on stage at 2022 Illumination. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Mac Powell and band preform at 2022 Illumination at Great Dark County Fair Grounds. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Big Daddy Weave at 2022 Illumination. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser

Gaylen Blosser / Publisher

Gaylen Blosser is a sports enthusiast and has covered high school sports for nearly 20 years in Southwest Ohio. Gaylen has been a media sportswriter while most recently serving as Sports Editor for the local newspaper and will now serve as editor of Darke County Now while continuing to cover athletics. Gaylen is an accomplished photographer who has captured thousands of athletes in action over the years and is the recipient of the OHSAA Friends of Athletes Award and OHSAA Respect the Game State Award. Contact Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser at or 937-459-9547.

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