Greenville graduate Clay Guillozet plays professional basketball for Vietnam's Thang Long Warriors.

Guillozet makes professional basketball stop in Vietnam

Greenville graduate Clay Guillozet plays summer basketball for Thang Long Warriors

GREENVILLE – Greenville graduate Clay Guillozet just completed playing for the Thang Long Warriors in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi competing in the VBA (Vietnam Basketball Association).

“Playing professional ball in Vietnam was by far one of the most unique and memorable experiences I’ve ever been a part of,” said Guillozet. “I wasn’t sure what to expect but they put all of their resources into the league. From practices, to games, to game break entertainment, you can see their desire to continue growing basketball in their culture.”

Guillozet stated the style of play was very different from the European style and American style that he is used to playing.

“It was extremely fast paced and guys flew around from start to end,” he said. “It’s hard to explain but if you see a game, it explains it all.”

All Thang basketball games from summer 2022 are posted on the YouTube channel ‘Bong Ro TV’.

Guillozet led the Warriors in scoring with a 24.4 average, first in rebounds at 9.9 per game and first in assists with 4.6 per game.

“Basketball aside, I think being able to live in Vietnam for three months was something that I would have never been able to imagine without being there and doing it,” Guillozet said. “Everyone I met was very nice and open, even with major language barrier that stood between us.”

“I am very thankful I was able to travel to Vietnam and spend some time there,” Guillozet added. “I don’t think I would ever have this opportunity without basketball and for me, that’s one of my favorite things about traveling and playing overseas.”

Guillozet has some NBA G League and European opportunities next up he will be pursing that he is “extremely excited about”, he said.

“I’m extremely blessed every day that I get to wake up healthy and play basketball,” Guillozet concluded. “It drives me to push each and every day. I truly love the game of basketball.”

Guillozet played on the last Greenville High School boys basketball team to win a conference (GWOC) championship; the program’s first in 60-years under Coach Michael Bashore.

Clay Guillozet lead's Thang Long Warriors with a 24.4 game average.
Clay Guillozet leads Thang Long Warriors with a game high 39 points.
Thang Long Warriors' Clay Guillozet; Hanoi, Vietnam
Thang Long Warriors' Clay Guillozet; Hanoi, Vietnam
Thang Long Warriors' Clay Guillozet; Hanoi, Vietnam
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