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March 21, 10:35 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Greenville PD in reference to a trespassing/property call. Upon arrival officers met with the complainant, Stephen Jennings. Jennings advised officers that he and his wife had returned home to their address at 222 West Fourth Street at about 10:35 p.m. Jennings advised while he was turning into his driveway he observed a male subject that was all dressed in black run from the back yard area of the listed residence. Jennings advised when the male subject was running from the area he observed him drop a cell phone. Jennings brought the phone to the Greenville PD to see if we would be able to locate the owner and trespass them from his property. Officers attempted to look inside the phone in an attempt to figure out who’s black Motorola Tracphone it was with a negative outcome due to there being a passcode on the phone. I did not see any identifying marks on the phone to indicate who’s it may be. Jennings requested extra patrol in the area and gave custody of the phone to me. While police were examining the phone to place it into property, they took off the Body Glove case to the phone and found the name Mathew Hall inside it with a phone number. It is known that Hall has a felony warrant out of Darke County for aggravated possession of methamphetamines. Police attempted to call the number with a negative outcome. They also attempted to locate Hall with having a negative outcome. The phone was powered down and placed into property for safe keeping.


March 20, 12:04 p.m. Police were on routine patrol when they noticed a parking violation in the 200 block of Walker Street. Upon arrival they noticed a 1997 White Dodge Grand Caravan parked on the side of the street in the 200 block of Walker Street. The vehicles registration was ran through dispatch. The registration to the vehicle was expired since
May 30, 2020. Police filled out a parking citation reference the expired plates, and also marked the vehicle for overtime parking. On March 23 at approximately 12:07 p.m. officers responded back to the 200 block of Walker Street to follow up on the vehicle. Police noticed that my 48 hour notice was still on the front windshield of the vehicle, along with my parking citation. Police also noticed that the vehicle had not moved since police marked it 48 hours ago due to my markings that were still present on the street. Police issued a parking citation reference Parked Over 48 hours. Dillman’s towing arrived on scene and towed the vehicle to their lot at 5520 Hogpath Road. Officers photographed the vehicle, reference photo log for further.


March 17, 8:13 a.m.: Police were dispatched to Whirlpool, at 1701 Kitchenaid Way, in reference to a private property accident without injury. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the driver Savanna Sabroff. She advised she got to work around 6:50 a.m. and when she pulled into a parking space she struck to other vehicles that were parked. She was driving a white Chevrolet Malidbu. The other vehicle was a white GMC Acadia. The third vehicle was a 2020 black Ford Explorer. Information was exchanged between all vehicle owners. Nothing further.

March 23, 10:00 a.m.: Police were dispatched to the 400 block of Fair Street in reference to property damage to a garage door. Upon arrival police made contact with Jerry Halley. Halley explained that he had his Red/Silver Dodge Dakota pickup truck parked in his driveway in the 1000 block of Wayne Avenue. Halley stated that he had his pickup truck running in the driveway while he was inside of his home. He then exited his home and visualized his pickup truck traveling backwards westbound down Fair street with no one inside the vehicle. Halley attempted to run after the pickup truck but was unsuccessful. The pickup truck then reversed onto the driveway and struck the garage door at the residence before coming to a rest on the garage door. I could see damage to the white garage door at the residence and Halley’s pickup truck resting up against the garage door.
Halley provided me insurance information regarding his pickup truck which is listed below. Police made contact with the home owner Timothy Pollitz at the residence. Officer photographed the damages to the garage door. Halley stated that there was no damage to his pickup truck.


March 23, 1:47 a.m.: Police were on patrol when they observed the offender, Albert Reed, in the area of Smith Street and East Main Street. Officers ran Reed through dispatch and found that he had an active felony warrant for his arrest through Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for a drug charge. Officers again located Reed in the area of East Main Street and Locust Street. Police made contact with Reed and advised him of his warrant. Reed was placed under arrest and in handcuffs which were double lock and gap checked. Reed was searched incident to arrest and no contraband was located. Reed’s warrant was confirmed and I transported Reed to the county line where custody was turned over to the Montgomery Sheriff’s Office. The backseat of police cruiser was checked before and after transport and no contraband was located.


March 23, 7:16 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a welfare check call in the 1300 of Sweitzer Street. Upon entry into the home the subject was located in the back room of the trailer laying on the floor on his back deceased. Greenville Township Rescue arrived on scene and called time of death at 7:56 p.m. The deceased subject was transported to Zechar Bailey Funeral home.

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