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Greenville police blotter


Dec. 28, 12:01 p.m.: Police responded to the 200 block of Glenwood Drive in reference to a theft that had occurred in the 100 block of Hillview Street. Upon arrival, officers spoke to David Bolton who resides on Glenwood Drive. Bolton advised he bought a house on Hillview Street, but it needed a lot of interior and exterior home improvements. Bolton advised he checks the residence on Hillview Street twice a day. Bolton stated his son had been working at the residence on Hillview Street on Dec. 27, and left the residence at about 10 p.m. He returned to the residence on Dec. 28 at around 11 p.m. During this time a large cooper A frame was stolen from the front yard of the residence. Bolton advised the cooper is worth approximately $400. Bolton stated this is the third time he has had something stolen from the residence. Bolton advised he purchased cameras and a GPS tracker. Bolton advised he is going to place the tracker on a piece of equipment at the residence and call GPD if the item is stolen. Bolton advised he spoke to neighbors and no one saw anyone around the residence. There are no suspects at this time.


Dec. 28, 11:10 a.m.: Police responded to a trash complaint in the 700 block of E. Main Street. Upon arrival, police observed a large pile of trash bags not placed in appropriate containers by the back door of the residence. The pile of trash bags reached almost to the bottom of the window on the back of the residence. Officers completed a trash notification and attempted to make contact with the resident, Kalani Byers, but was unsuccessful. Police posted the trash notification on the front of the residence. Officers then sent an email to the safety service director, Ryan Delk, informing him of the trash complaint. They will check back periodically on the progress of the trash removal.

Dec. 31, 12:25 p.m.: Police responded to the 600 block of E. Fifth Street in response to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, police noticed a pile of trash not in an acceptable trash receptacle in the back yard of the residence. Officers noticed a brown couch sitting in the backyard by the alley, as well as a tan sofa and two mattresses laying in the back yard. They made contact with the resident, Beth Kendrick, who was advised of the complaint. Police also completed a trash notification which was issued to Kendrick. Officers notified the Safety Service Director, Ryan Delk, of the complaint via email as well. They will check back
periodically on the progress of the trash.


Dec. 24, 6:10 p.m.: While on patrol, police immediately recognized Darren Callihan, walking with another male subject in the alley between the 400 blocks of East Third Street and East Main Street. They observed Callihan attempt to hide behind a garage in the 100 block of Ludlow Street, before going back into the alley and walking towards my cruiser. Police exited the cruiser and upon doing so, Callihan immediately began running away from officers on foot westbound through the alley. Police had prior knowledge that Callihan had an active Darke County Sheriff’s Office felony warrant on a probation violation for the original offense of trafficking drugs. Officers advised Darren to stop while chasing him on foot, and he continued to flee from police. Callihan ran through the 400 block of East Third Street, before crossing the street and running southbound. Officers were unable to locate Callihan after he escaped. Police then went back to East Third Street where Callihan’s brother, Dillon Callihan resides. Dillon stated that Darren frequently comes to his residence and sleeps in the living room. Dillon consented to a search of his residence and Darren was not inside. Dillon stated that he would call the Greenville PD if Darren returns to his residence. Darren was issued a citation reference obstructing official business, to be served when he is located. A DVD containing video reference the incident was packaged and placed into property.

Dec. 30, 12:16 a.m.: Police were dispatched to the Darke County Court House, in reference to a male subject with an active warrant. Upon arrival, officers made contact with James Swindler in the holding cell of the court house. Swindler had an active warrant through Greenville PD for the original charge of criminal mischief. He was arrested and transported to the Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated on a bond of $1,025. The backseat of my cruiser was checked before and after the transport. Nothing was found. 

Jan. 1, 10:21 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 1000 block of Holly Hill Drive in reference a wanted fugitive that was at the residence. Prior to arrival, dispatch stated that Anthony Foster was staying at the residence. Dispatch confirmed that Foster had a Warrant out of Montgomery County for FTA for dangerous drugs / possession of drug paraphernalia with a bond of $2,500 and was also entered as missing person. Officers made contact with  Dolores Foster at the front door, who confirmed that Anthony Foster was at the residence. He came to the front door and was placed into handcuffs. While in handcuffs Foster began to shake and stated that he has stress seizures. Paramedics arrived on scene and medically cleared him. While in the backseat of the cruiser Foster began banging his head on the cage inside the cruiser, causing a minor scrape to his forehead. He was treated at the scene for the minor scrape to his forehead. He was transported to the Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated.

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