Darke County Ohio Police Blotter

Greenville police blotter


Nov. 3, 10:44 p.m.: Police observed a subject walking through the alley near the 400 block of East Main Street near Ludlow Street. Officers approached the area and saw a male subject walking to the back door of residence in the 100 block of Ludlow Street. They observed the male subjects face and knew him to be Thomas Hamilton, which they confirmed by asking him his name. The subject was confirmed to have an active felony warrant through Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, no bond. Police asked the subject to step down from his back door to speak with me. Once the subject was down I was attempting to arrest him when officers observed his left hand balled up. They asked Hamilton what was in his hand and he advised nothing. Just as Hamilton was going to open his hand he motioned his arm backwards and police observed a white substance fall from his hand to the ground. The substance was later found to be methamphetamine and other suspected controlled substances were located on him. He was arrested and mirandized. Hamilton was transported to the Darke County Jail.


Nov. 8, 5:37 p.m.: Prior to police arrival at Dairy Queen, dispatch advised the people that passed the counterfeit $20 bill were waiting in the parking lot in the listed vehicle. Officers made contact with the two subjects, Roberta Aubuchon and her son Curtis Taylor. They claimed they unknowingly passed the $20 bill. Aubuchon advised she either got the money from Walmart or Kroger. Officers spoke to manager of Dairy Queen, Sonia Lopez, who advised the bill didn’t feel right and the marker that marks counterfeit bills indicated it was fake. Sonia told this to Roberta and she payed for her food with her credit card instead. There was also a “COPY” stamp on the front of the bill. The fake bill was taken and placed into the property room at the Greenville PD. No suspects at this time.


Nov. 3, 5 a.m.: Upon arrival to the Quality Inn police made contact with the employees, who stated that Danielle Rupp had just approached them at the front desk and gave them a note, which stated that she is afraid of Clifford Strange and to not give him access to her hotel room. Rupp had left the property prior to their arrival. The Quality Inn employees advised police that a male subject was in the room that Rupp had paid for, and that they were unsure of how he gained access to the room. Officers went to room 141 and made contact with Strange. He stated that he did not know why Rupp would call the police. He was warned for trespassing from the Quality Inn hotel, and he left the property after gathering his items. Police then attempted to call Danielle using a phone number she previously provided to the Quality Inn, but there was no answer and the phone’s voicemail was full. Strange then called the Quality Inn and stated that Rupp had left drugs under one of the mattresses inside her hotel room. Police went back to the scene and and located a small plastic bag containing a white powdery substance under a mattress. The substance was packaged and placed into property. Officers are unable to determine who the substance belongs to. Nothing further at this time.

Nov. 4, 6:42 p.m.: Upon arrival police made contact with complainant, Andrew Barnes who stated that he found a mountain bicycle with nobody around it. officers observed the bicycle and learned that it is a black & green Genesis Incline mountain bicycle. The bicycle has not been reported stolen. Officers placed the bicycle into the Hart Avenue property garage.

Nov. 8, 11:23 p.m.: Upon arrival the property police found an Ohio ID card belonging to Tara Geyer. The complainant, Kent Minnich, advised he found the ID card along the bike path in Greenville. Geyer was found to be incarcerated at the Darke County Jail. Tara’s ID card was transported to the jail and released to the jail to put with her belongings. Nothing further.

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