Greenville police blotter


Oct. 25, 6:36 p.m.: Police observed a black Dodge Ram traveling east bound on Russ Road near Kitchen Aid Way. Through dispatch it was confirmed that the license plate belonged to a blue GMC Sierra. A traffic stop was made on the listed vehicle on Russ Road near N. Ohio Street. Through investigation suspected drugs were located in the vehicle. Police found an unknown white crystal substance. The crystal substance had an appearance of methamphetamine and was weighed using an unofficial / tared digital scale, which showed it weighed about six grams. Officers also located three hypodermic syringes shoved between the passenger front seat and the middle front bench seat. Two of the hypodermic syringes were loaded with an unknown clear liquid substance. The three needles were taken to the Greenville PD and placed into evidence. The unknown substances were collected from the syringes to be taken to the lab for analysis. Pending results from this case will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

Oct. 27, 4:45 a.m.: While on routine patrol, police observed a white Chrysler 300 traveling westbound on West Main Street. A traffic stop was conducted for multiple violations and police located multi colored glasses type case in the center console. Inside the case police located a glass smoking pipe with burnt white residue inside of it and two plastic baggies containing unknown substances. Police advised the driver Amber Ross and passenger Jason Jones of the grand jury process and released them from the scene. The property was transported to the Greenville PD where it was packaged and placed into property.


Oct. 27, 1:54 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to Taco Bell in reference to a suspicious person. Complainant and Taco Bell employee, Angela Eikenberry advised dispatch that a subject was in their parking lot for approximately 45 minutes and was also near the dumpsters. Upon arrival police observed Kurtis Brown standing on the property beside the building. They made contact with Brown who advised he was just walking through the parking lot. Dispatch advised that Brown was issued a warning for criminal trespass at this address on Sept. 4, 2021. Brown was reminded of this warning, and was issued a citation for criminal trespass and advised of his court date.

Oct. 28, 4:04 p.m.: Police responded to Miss Bubbles laundromat, at 1317 Wagner Avenue, in reference a trespassing complaint. Officers observed Kurtis Brown, sitting on the floor inside the business near the entrance door. Brown had a bottle in front of him which was around 75 percent full of vodka. Brown told police he was inside the business because he was homeless and had nowhere to go. Dispatch then advised that Kurtis was previously warned for
trespassing from Miss Bubbles Laundromat on Sept. 10, 2021. He was also issued a citation earlier the same day for criminal trespassing from Rural King. Police arrested Brown and transported him to Wayne Healthcare for treatment as he said he was suicidal. He was issued a citation reference criminal
trespass and advised of his court date.


Oct. 28, 7:22 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Wayne Healthcare in reference to a disorderly male. Police made contact with suspect James Swindler in a hospital room. They observed that the bed had been flipped on its side and that he was yelling at the staff. Swindler advised that he just needed some medication to help him calm down due to his anxiety. After getting him to calm down, police spoke to security guard John Kiser. Kiser wrote a statement saying that Swindler became irate and aggressive toward the staff. He was clenching his fist and then turned and hit the wall. He then ripped off a white board/poster off of the wall, and turned toward Kiser and threw the poster. Kiser deflected the poster away with his left hand, which caused a small cut on his left hand. Officers remained on scene while the hospital staff was able to medicate Swindler. He was cited for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Photos of damage to the poster were taken.


Oct. 28, 7:29 p.m.: Upon arrival, police met with complainant, Olivia Young, who informed police that she had located an orange pill bottle with pills inside in her side yard of her house. Young showed me the pill bottle which I took possession of. The bottle contained an unknown amount of orange capsules with the imprint (P51) on it, which officers identified as a laxative. There was no name on the prescription bottle. Police transported the property to the Greenville PD where it was placed in the property room for safe keeping.

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