Jayce Byers cans a Franklin Monroe 3-pointer in non-conference win at Greenville. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Franklin Monroe downs Greenville

Franklin Monroe takes advantage at free throw line to earn win at Greenville

GREENVILLE – The Franklin Monroe Jets defeated the Green Wave 47-44 in Saturday night non-conference varsity basketball action.

“What we can take the most from this game is with the emotion being so high you can really get sideways and a couple of our guys really had to reign it in,” said Franklin Monroe coach, Troy Myers. “In the past it has been a struggle and I am thankful that our guys were able to grind through that and still play with a head that was presence of mind enough to close the game.”

“When Coach Myers and I got together over the summer and talked about getting FM back on the schedule, I thought it was probably the smartest thing we could do,” said Greenville coach, Bobby Jones.   “No.1, they have a really good basketball program. Their kids know how to win and they know what it means to be in a program and that is a direct reflection of what Coach Myers has done there.”

“I was impressed with Coach Myers when I was at Tri-Village,” Jones continued. “We put them on the schedule knowing that they were going to be a very good basketball team and that is what we need to play against night in and night out.”

The Jets jumped out to an 11-5 first quarter lead taking advantage of three 3-pointers, one each from Karson Wright, Jayce Byers and Gabe Sargent and a Ky Cool 2-point basket.

Greenville took the second quarter of play 14-7 sending the teams to the break with the Wave holding a slim 19-17 lead. Greenville got 3-pointers from Million Bryant and Nolan Curtis.

The Jets battled back to take a 33-27 lead taking the third quarter 15-8 with 11-points coming at the free throw line shooting an impressive 11-13.

Greenville took the fourth 17-14 including 10-of-15 free throws while all Franklin Monroe fourth quarter points came at the charity stripe where the Jets went 14-20 at the line.

“Our ability to close it out on the defensive end in the last two minutes was the difference,” Myers noted. “Our ability to rebound the first shot especially in the first half, they were killing us on the glass.”

On the night, the Jets went 29-42 at the free throw line and Greenville was 13-24 at the charity stripe.

“They did a good job of taking advantage of what they saw with officiating,” said Myers. “They started to drive it in the lane and we were body bumping them so no matter if it was ticky-tacky or not, they were calling fouls, but the next immediate play we were able to get to the free throw line and that is growth on a team – thankfully we were able to do that.”

“You have to beat their press and get to the free throw line and we did that,” Myers added. “This game and that pressure was really good for us.”

“Our kids are definitely getting better,” said Coach Jones. “We had some freshmen come in the game, the last two games and do some growing up and getting some valuable varsity minutes. That is going to do nothing but help them in the long run.”

“We got out of that game what we needed to get out of it but on the flip side our players have to hate losing more than they love winning. Every successful basketball team I have ever been a part of as a player and as a coach – our players bitterly hated to lose and until you get to that point as an athlete you’re not going to be as competitive as what you probably should be.”

“Our guys are competing and they have to take it just a little more to heart, take it a little more personal and be bitter about losing and having Franklin Monroe run off of our court…and more power to them, they should have,” Jones concluded, “but we’re getting better and the kids are staying behind each other.”

Ky Cool and Jayce Byers led Franklin Monroe and all scorers with a game high 15-points each in the win.

“I am extremely proud of our guys,” said Coach Myers. “A lot of guys did a lot of good things.”



FRANKLIN MONROE – K. Cool 15, J. Byers 15, Garber 7, K. Wright 4, G. Sargent 3, B. Rumble 2, L. Keller 1 – TOTALS 3 29-42 4 47

GREENVILLE – E. Brenner 7, DJ Zimmer 7, A. Baumgardner 6, M. Bryant 6, EB Fall 5, O. Garcia 5, N. Curtis 5, H. Bush 2, C. Drew 1 – TOTALS 8 13-24 5 44


Franklin Monroe 4 (J. Byers 2, K. Wright 1, G. Sargent 1)

Greenville 5 (M. Bryant 2, E. Brenner 2, N. Curtis 1)


11-07-15-14 47 Franklin Monroe

05-14-08-17 44 Greenville

Franklin Monroe's Ky Cool drives to the basket in the Jets win over the Wave. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Greenville freshman, EB Fall scores for Greenville in Saturday night action with the Jets. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Blake Addis goes to the basket for Franklin Monroe in the Jets win at Greenville. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Green Wave freshman, Eric Brenner buries one of his two 3-pointers in home game with Franklin Monroe. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Veteran Franklin Monroe coach Troy Myers looks on as his team earns a win at Greenville. (Gaylen Blosser photo
Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser

Gaylen Blosser / Publisher

Gaylen Blosser is a sports enthusiast and has covered high school sports for nearly 20 years in Southwest Ohio. Gaylen has been a media sportswriter while most recently serving as Sports Editor for the local newspaper and will now serve as editor of Darke County Now while continuing to cover athletics. Gaylen is an accomplished photographer who has captured thousands of athletes in action over the years and is the recipient of the OHSAA Friends of Athletes Award and OHSAA Respect the Game State Award. Contact Darke County Now Editor Gaylen Blosser at gblosser@darkecountynow.com or 937-459-9547.

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