Darke, Preble counties conduct multi-county drug interdiction operation

DARKE COUNTY— The Darke County Sheriff’s Office partnered with The Preble County Sheriff’s Office and Adult Parole Authority to conduct a multi-county Drug Interdiction operation on Thursday, March 10.

During the operation 12 traffic stops were conducted by Darke County Deputies where numerous drug paraphernalia items were seized. One individual was arrested on a parole violation.

Preble County Deputies conducted 15 traffic stops.  Numerous illegal drugs where methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana were located.  Five individuals were arrested for charges including drug possession and OVI.

Citations were issued for traffic violations from both agencies to include driving under suspension, fictitious plates and speed.

This operation was conducted to intercept the felony level drug traffic moving between county lines. Darke and Preble Counties will continue to work together in combating the drug problems affecting our communities.

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