Covington Lady Buccs Player of The Year, Claudia Harrington. (Austin Smith photo)

Covington Lady Buccs closeout solid season

COVINGTON – After a long and well fought basketball season, The Lady Buccs Basketball team found themselves praised by their community.

With Claudia Harrington being named Player of Year, Carlie Besecker and Claire Fraley being named First and Second in team, respectively. As Well as Gracie and Maggie Anderson being Honorable Mention.

“I’m definitely proud of myself and the other girls especially, we all deserved it”, is what senior Claire Fraley had to say about their honors. “We’ve put in a lot of work this year, it’s nice to see something come of it”

After being asked about his opinions on these honors, Coach Brandon Studebaker said: “We go out and win one game at a time, and this is just the icing on the cake”. This is proven by simply looking at the statistics throughout the season. The Lady Buccs are going on 20-4 in the TRC, with a 53-34 against Troy Christian being their latest win. The team has totaled 1,218 points so far this year.

Claudia Harrington, another senior on the team, has had a very busy season; from scoring her 1,000th point at the Hoosiers’ gym to being named player of the year, one could say this is an amazing way for her to finish off her time playing high school basketball.

“You know I’ve played basketball all my life and started varsity since my freshman year. My freshman and sophomore year I got second team all-conference and my junior year I knew I wanted to work my way up and that year I got first team all-conference. I never wanted to stay in the same spot. I’m constantly wanting to make myself better and push myself to do better so after getting first team and now knowing that I got player of the year just helps show that my work really is paying off.”

She makes sure that she’s always moving and always improving herself, As well as others. Claudias leadership is recognized by herself and her coach, “She’s an excellent athlete and very deserving of the honor, a very solid basketball player and a great floor leader – we wouldn’t be where we were at without her”.

Using their teammates, families, and coaches to help influence and motivate them, Carlie Besecker (sophomore) and Claire Fraley were able to keep working to receive their honors. Carlie said “I definitely think the whole team deserved it, it was all a team effort all year.”

The girls worked hard all season to get where they are today, seeing many high points and some low points, by using one of their team mottos, “Smile and Scroll”, as a term for when they make a mistake, they push on through and don’t let it bring them down.

Covington Lady Buccs First Team, Carlie Besecker. (Austin Smith photo)
Austin Smith - Darke County Now Photographer

Austin Smith | Correspondent Photographer

Austin Smith is a Covington High school senior. He has been doing digital media for almost four years. He is a leader in his schools Digital Media Productions class and does other photography related gigs on the side.

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