Don Wright

Could this have been the longest golf drive ever made in Darke County

First let me say I’m not a golfer. I think all golf courses should be pasture fields for race horses.

I can’t remember the date when this happened but there was a lot of witnesses and if anyone also remembers speak up.

I owned and operated a gas station and garage at the end of Broadway where Annie Oakley stands today.

It was three o’clock in the morning. The bars had just closed. I had just returned from a wrecker call.

A very tall big strong man walked up Martin Street from the Point Café. He carried a bucket of golf balls and a golf club. His name was Lowell Studebaker.

I asked him where he got the golf balls. He said out of the ponds at Greenville Country Club. I’m going to see if I can drive one to the traffic circle. Broadway was empty and there was almost no traffic. There was the usual crowd of drunks and loafers that hung out there after the bars closed.

He proceeded to line up balls on the curb and drive them down Broadway. He was being encouraged by the crowd.

Balls could be seen bouncing down the street past Second National Bank and out of sight.

He had finished off the bucket of balls when Richard Breaden drove in and asked me what was going on.

After being told he said hop in the car, let’s go get those balls. Golf balls cost money. Breaden was an avid golfer. He parked between Forth and Third and we began harvesting golf balls. He had his pants pockets and suit coat full. I had taken my shirt tail out, tied it in a knot and probably had twenty balls in it.

Other cars stopped and people got the rest.

I told Breaden that Studebaker was trying to drive one to the circle. We then drove to the circle and checked it out. We didn’t find anything but when he drove to the post office we found one ball. We kept looking and found one where Ted Finnarn’s law office is located today.

We then took North Broadway. Just a couple of yards before Water Street I spotted a ball along the curb that had rolled up on an empty discarded cigarette pack.

When I got back in the car Breaden asked if he could have the ball. He said this has to be some kind of a record. We also agreed that if it wasn’t for the cigarette pack it could have ended up at the Maid Rite.

I kept the ball we found at Finnarn’s office and gave it to Studebaker. He told me he had been working at the Country Club golf course but had quit. Maybe someone remembers when he worked there.

I saw Studebaker’s obituary in the newspaper some time back. I thought this should be added to it. I think he should get credit for the longest golf drive ever made in Darke Count. I wonder if Randall Breaden has the ball.

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