Clutter-free living workshop at Arcanum Public Library

ARCANUM—How is your quality of life specifically related to clutter? Do you find yourself saying, “I can never find anything after I put it away.” “I’m afraid to toss any paperwork – it has personal information on it.”

“My spare bedroom, closets, and basement are full of junk that I need to go through.” I can’t get rid of this because it’s special.” If so, this workshop is for you! OSU Extension Educator, Dr. Roseanne Scammahorn will help you understand what clutter is and how it impacts our everyday lives. Join this free workshop on, Friday, July 22 nd from 1:00-2:00 at the Arcanum Public Library where you will be given the tools to create a plan to address the clutter in your home and make a strategy to move it out of your way for good. Dr. Scammahorn will also share some tips on how to maintain your new clutter-free home.

If you are interested in participating in this one-hour, free workshop, please reach out to: Arcanum Public Library,937-692-8484. Arcanum Public Library is located at 101 West Main Street, Arcanum. For additional information on Clutter Free Living or other community programs, please contact Dr. Roseanne Scammahorn at 937-548-5215 or

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